The Para~Somnia Family of Artists

Here is an extensive list of artists of all kinds whom I support and have worked with in the past, and maybe possibly in the future?

Bay Area Artists Unite (BAAU)
BAAU is an artist collective I've worked with many times. My artwork has been featured in Vol. 12 and Vol. 14 of their annual publication. They're open to accepting all Bay Area artists.

Rat Girl Productions By Rat Girl
Sometime partner in crime and collaborator Rat Girl shows off her amazing artistic prowess on her very own website. Check her the hell out, guys.

Splikitt By Courteney Carr
Courteney is a longtime friend and one of the first cartoonists I ever did collaborative work with. She did the short story in the back of TransCat #1

Edgar Purviance
A very old friend and a great inspiration to me in the realm of art.

Scary-Art By Nicolas Caesar
Nicolas is a surreal artist who has a talent at recreating classic horror scenes and icons. Nicolas did some work for me on TransCat #3 and was a joy to work with.

Non-Newtonian Gender Fluid by Al Neun
Al is an artist from the Sacramento area who has also helped with TransCat. While their work tends to dominate the prints, buttons and apparel category, there IS a graphic novel in the works that I've had the pleasure of reading a draft of. Can't wait for the full release :)

Lily of the Valley By Adam Atherton
A love story for the over and the under medicated, the disenchanted, the excessively violent, and the soft-spoken.

Aubrie Johnson's Gallery
A wide array of artwork, ranging form the traditional, to the newfangled comp-u-tron generated from this lovely and gifted young cartoonist.