Friday, August 4, 2017

QCE Review Series: Part 8 - "¡Viva La Van! Comic Guide to D.I.Y. SOLAR POWAH" By Miché the Van Kid

Alrighty! We got another one by Miche the Van Kid! This one is really interesting actually, it is as it's title implies, a comic guide on how to rig your own solar panels for a van. It goes into some pretty good detail and makes the whole thing seem not nearly as complicated or expensive as it might seem at first.The whole book is only 10 pages but does a great job of getting you from square one to a solar powered van. It DOES mention that better guides that go into more detail might be needed, but i think these really simple D.I.Y.guides are important because if you're like me, and you think a concept like "making your van solar powered" sounds WAY too complicated to even attempt in the first place, but i gotta admit, after reading this lil' thing, it seems like a VERY doable D.I.Y. project.
The one big roadblock I can see (aside from now owning a van myself) is the cost of a solar panel. They're not as expensive as I thought they'd be ($125.00) but still, that's not a small expense! I feel like that'd be the biggest thing preventing me from taking on this project. The other stuff, like the special kind of battery you need, the special kinds of wires and connectors you need, they're all relatively small expenses, but the solar panel is like, ...boom! A daunting task, to say the least.
Either way, if you have another way to get a solar panel (and maybe a van to start with) and you're looking for a way to get started, then this book is the way!

I can't remember if i already linked Miche's youtube channel in the last review I did on one of their books, but just in case, here it is again!

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