Wednesday, August 9, 2017

QCE Review Series: Part 10 - "Death's Door" By Sonya Saturday

We're back again, dear readers! Back with s'more Queer-ass comic reviews! Today we're doing "Death's Door" by Sonya Saturday. This artist, Sonya Saturday, was sitting behind at to the left of me at the con, andwe've appeared side-by-side in the Alphabet Comics Anthology by Prism Comics.
She was hawking a plethora of cool looking comics, but this one in particular caught my eye, because you know, demons. I ALSO recognized that main character of this book, Necktie, from his appearance in Alphabet. I had no idea he was a recurring character in Sonya's work!
It should be noted that this book is old enough (2014) that I think the artist's deadname appears on the cover, but I'll be referring to her as Sonya Saturday because that was the name that was on literally everything else.
Anywho, this is a really dark, Twilight Zone-ish kinda book about a post apocalyptic wasteland, and three radioactive mutant demons who meet one another and fall in love. They form a pretty awesome triad, but things aren't nice forever, as Necktie (our main demon) begins to grow jealous of the relationship flourishing between his Grilfriend Demon, fireball, and their beloved third, Fancyboy. For whatever reason, Necktie perceives that Fireball is giving Fancyboy MORE love and affection than she's giving him! Fireball insists this is not true, but it's not enough to satiate Necktie's jealous rage. I won't spoil the ending for you, but I WILL say that a Herculean dive into the underworld is involved!
I compared this little book to the Twilight Zone earlier, and that's because the ending really does leave the reader with that same sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that I feel like Rod Serling excelled at. If you are a fan of sci fi with an old fashioned aesthetic and are totally over happy endings, than this book is for you! This is again a short book, a little longer than some of the others, clocking in at 16 pages, but for the first time since I began this review, I'm not wishing there was more. I think 16 pages did a good job of telling this story, wrapping it up and sending it's message about love and jealousy.
The art definitely has an [adult swim] quality to it, reminding me of something like Rick and Morty or Superjail.It is presented in full colour, and the palette choice is rather inspiring. A beautiful mixture of drad grays and browns to depict the scorched landscape, washed out blues and greens for the sky and a plethora of small neon splashes to depict the odd magical happenings of the world. It's a marvelous combination of colours.
In either case, I highly recommend you check out this book, and the rest of Sonya Saturday's work!

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