Monday, July 31, 2017

QCE Review Series: Part 7 - "Mx Witch #1: Intersectional Feminst Queer Magick and Devotion" By Mx Jaina Bee

Okay, so this was a weird little book! I was expecting a little black and white comic about a non binary witch and their adventures. I thought this character on the front was gonna be our main witch, or something. What I got was VERY different.
Turns out this character is Panprosdexia, an Agender Deity for which there are many prayers and devotionals inside this book. This type of short prose is what makes up the majority of this small book, and it's interesting to read through, even thought it's not the faith I chose for myself. It IS somewhat similar, I will say.
There IS a comic in here somewhere, called (Non) Binary Star, but it only takes up 3 of the zine's 18 pages. It's a cute comic, not the adventure story I was expecting, but more of a short coming of age story, about a little kid named Trys, and their mother who is just now introducing them into the world of magic and witchcraft. After hanging out in it for awhile, Trys starts to realize how strictly gendered magic can be. They come to their mother, saying that this "feminine" magic just isn't for them, and good on the mom for being maybe a little more accepting of their child's rejection of their deeply held spiritual faith than most moms, but the acceptance is still a little misguided. she instead foists upon her child the ideals of "masculine" magic. this of course stresses the fuck out of our enbie witch, who is seemingly trapped in a belief structure entirely dependent upon binaries. The story ends with our character leaving home for college and admitting that their magical practice faded out, even though they still hold their mother's teachings near and dear to them.
After this short comic, there is a short interview with the author/artist, Ryan Rose Acae, who admits that the story is not ACTUALLY biographical, even though it kind of lends itself to that kind of interpretation. It seems like a situation an enby witch might have faced at some point in their life. Hell, even a lot of the non-enby witches I know complain about how strictly gendered magic can be. I too do my best to follow a magical path which weaves around and avoids these problematic power structures.
Other highlights of the book is a short write up on the Queers and Comics 2017 conference (which I missed, sadly). Our friend Hann Lindahl (author of Future Husband and Cat Burglar) also shows up in the book, in a photograph with Jaina Bee and Ryan Rose Aceae (who's name is spelled different from where it is elsewhere in the book. I'm not quite sure which is correct).
Anyway, a great little book. I hope there is a #2 by the time the next QCE rolls around. It's release IS teased in this book, so here's me chomping at the bit.
I cannot for the life for me find a link within this book that talks about where one might obtain such an item upon it's release. There ARE some links provided in which one can find more reviews and writings by some of the authors who participated in this book. I'll list them below. (author of Non-Binary Star)

some good shit in here, my friends. good shit indeed.

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