Wednesday, July 26, 2017

QCE Review Series: Part 6 - "Dating Between The Lines" By Emma Craig & Puja Tolton (PREVIEW)

Wow! What a cute little book!
When I first picked it up, I was kind of assuming it was gonna be a "how to" guide, for dating while queer. While I'm disappointed it's not that, the truth about what it is is WAY cuter than that. It's a small compilation of cheesy, queer themed pickup lines and musings on love and relationships by various people. The book is only a preview, and sadly not very long (10 pages), but is full of great, cute-ass art. I know this has been a common thread through some of my reviews recently, but this time I don't have to WISH this was a full length book, because it TOTALLY IS! you can yours off Amazon right now! While flipping through, I was thinking how easily I could flip through 100 pages of this. The full version is 88, so that works out just fine.
My favourite pickup line/picture combo in the whole book has got to be "I can be your El Nino in a 5 year drought", coupled with a picture of two girls who look like they're taking part in a jogging marathon or something, both of them are in brightly coloured exercise clothes. One of the girls is doubled over in exhaustion while the second holds out a water bottle towards her. The girl who is being offered the bottle has this GIANT shit eating grin on her face, and is blushing up a storm. It's SO cute, and ALSO a little sexy, to be honest. Cute girls, panting and sweating while wearing skintight clothes is honestly about half the reason I keep going back to the gym. Their facial expressions are so adorably drawn, and the poses are very realistic. One of the girls has one of those spring heel things that amputee runners have too, which is some great disabled representation too. Something this book has in spades actually is it's attention to representation. Throughout the short span of the book you see people of all different body sizes and shapes, all different races and all different sexual identities interacting in cute ways. I can only imagine what the full length version is like.
I'm a huge fan and will definitely be looking forward to a follow up to this book.
You can follow the blog HERE to catch any news that may be coming out of this dynamic artist pair.

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