Tuesday, July 25, 2017

QCE Review Series: Part 5 - "RAWR! Dinosaur Friends: MEGA ZINE" By H. McGill

I grew up during the peak of Dinosaur Interest. When I was young, it seemed like I couldn't get enough dinos, and that was great because it seemed like there were plenty of dinos to go around! Everywhere in media, and popular culture. There was Godzilla, Dino-Riders (the cartoon/toy line) The Land Before Time, We're Back, The Flintstones (cartoon series and movie), the TV show "Dinosaurs", Super Mario just added the character Yoshi, who was a cute little dinosaur (velociraptor, if the film's canon is to be believed). Plus, the BIG one, Jurassic Park!
I was maybe a little too old for Barney the dinosaur, but my dinosaur interest was never short changed, to be sure. Of course, as I grew older, my interests changed, as did the media landscape, but these big lizards always held a special place in my heart. In fact, my love of dinos was later parlayed into my love of both modern day lizards AND birds! It felt like when I was young, a lot of kids my age were very shocked, and even disappointed in the revelation that raptors probably had FEATHERS! For me, it certainly made me look at my little birdie friends a little differently, and with a lot more respect.

With all this in mind, you can imagine the semi-truck of childhood nostalgia that hit me when I saw THIS book for sale at Queer Comics Expo. Rawr! Dinosaur Friends MEGA ZINE is a cute little black and white zine full of great dino jokes and dino facts! It's like the back of every dinosaur themed cereal box, compiled into a tome with about a hundred times the wit and comic timing. This is the book I NEEDED back then. That's not to say it's too late, and that I DON'T need it NOW. On the contrary,  I'm GLAD I have it now. I'm just saying, if I'd'a had it as a kid, that'da been pretty cool too.
If you know a youngster in this day and age who is going through their Thunder Lizards phase, this book is a definite must have. I'm not entirely certain, but it seems like the only way you can get the book is by catching the artist at a convention. I found a digital version for sale HERE, but most of their social media links showcase mostly the shorter strips. The Tumblr seems to be the main event, if i'm not mistaken. There is also a Facebook and a Twitter, but MOST importantly, there is the Patreon page. If you're really looking to help this project along, this is THE place!

That's all for now my dears! See you again soon!

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