Monday, July 24, 2017

QCE Review Series: Part 4 - "Playlist" Presented by Uchuu Summer

Okay, THIS is a cute one!
If you're a reader of the TransCat comics, then you know that in the back of every issue I have a little playlist full of songs and drawn representations of a bunch of the covers of the albums which the songs come from.
I don't remember if I've stated before in any specific capacity, but those songs are not totally random. They're chosen because they're songs i was loving and listening to at the time the events of TransCat take place in (which is not an officially disclosed time period, but given the many context clues I've laid out, some careful detective work might yield some interesting answers).
As you can well imagine, music is VERY important to me, and my art. It informs everything, it's in between and underneath everything. So that's why I'm so taken with THIS little book!
Playlist is a compilation book of about a dozen or so different artists who've all compiled little play lists of their own, usually to fit a certain mood, and then have drawn their own covers for them.
This is INGENIOUS and I hope and pray that someday they do a volume 2 of this, because I'd LOVE to submit a page to it.
Since this book isn't a story, it's impossible to give any spoilers. All I can say is if you're a nerd and you love music, then get this book, enjoy this art and seriously, listen to this music! Some of it might be a little obscure and difficult to track down, but most of it can be looked up on iTunes, Youtube, Spotify or other such applications. i was very pleased to find some tracks among its pages that I already know and love, and have been hard at work looking up the ones I don't recognize.

My favourite page has gotta be the Bitter Tea Bath page by Billie Snippet. I AM very much this girl. I need my baths. I belong in the hot water. It's how I survive the terrors and turmoils of day to day life. God, look at her, she looks so tired. I relate, honey. I relate. I too often bring drinks with me into the tub. I just wish my cat was chill enough to hang in the bathroom with me while I soaked. Chances are she would more likely try to fight the shower curtains or the towels, somehow wind up jumping into the water herself, freaking out and then running all over the apartment, getting everything wet in the process!
Oh well, maybe someday.

I'm hard pressed to think of what my favourite playlist in here is. Unfortunately the Bitter Tea Bath one is too short for my liking and contains mostly songs I don't know.

Major contenders are the Lazy Day soundtrack, since it contains Shiki no Uta by Minmi (the closing credits theme from Samurai Champloo, a total classic), possibly Neon Noir for it's liberal inclusion of some of thew few classic rock artists I actively enjoy (David Bowie, Queen, etc), but it's also likely it's the a_a soundtrack for it's inclusion of "Stone" by Cibo Matto, an underrated classic by a totally underrated band. The album that's from, Stereotype A, is a record I can put on and easily sing along to every lyric of. A classic late 90's album that encapsulates every tone and chord of the era. Soft french horns, flawless vocal harmonies and a devilishly understated synth propping up the gentile drum beat. A perfect song from a perfect album.

I would love to go even more in depth and review every one of these playlists in excruciating detail, but more than that, I want you to Buy The Book and have your own thoughts on it.

Happy Listening, folks! :)

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