Friday, July 21, 2017

QCE Review Series: Part 3 - "¡Viva La Van!" By Miché the Van Kid

What can I say about Viva La Van that hasn't already been danced around awkwardly by every American when quized about how THEY would improve the lives of the 1 and a half million homeless people who currently reside within our glorious borders?
This is yet another short format zine, six pages, and instead of being a setup for a punchline gag, it's just a short summary of the life of Miché. Miché is a first generation Mexican immigrant gender queer person who lives in a van with their dog Solo. The book talks about their photo journal of their life, which can be found on their Youtube and Instagram accounts, and goes on to talk about how they hope, through their art, they can tell a more representative story of the countless others living in their situation, as well as push forth the agenda they've taken on conservation, environmentalism and decolonization. 

Miché does this all from their fan, seriously, what IS our excuse?
Despite what you may be thinking, this story is one of optimism, it's literally inviting the reader to see what they see, experience how they experience, and to take a seat and listen to the beliefs and ideas of a person who lives it.
Once again, I have to say, despite the fact that I KEEP ON saying it, I wish this book was a full length book. I'd love to see this idea expounded upon further, in as much detail as the author wants.
I don't often push other people's Patreon pages, but for Miché the Van Kid, I'll shove it right in your face.

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