Wednesday, July 19, 2017

QCE Review Series: Part 2 - "Future Husband" A Tiny Intersex Comic by Hann Lindahl

Good afternoon and welcome to part two in this series which I swear to god I'm gonna keep up with!

Today's comic is "Future Husband", once again by Hann Lindahl. This books appears in a very similar format to yesterday's book. Four page zine presenting a gag comic reminiscent of a newspaper strip.
One thing that I will say sets this one apart from it's predecessor is the lower colour count. The art is as quality as ever, but we seem limited to 3 to 4 colours here. Pink, black, grey and white.for the subject matter, these colour choices make a lot of sense, and the average reader is probably not as likely to notice. The only reason i notice is specifically because of the comparison I'm making to yesterday's book.

Another difference is that the "gag" of this comic, while definitely a gag, also cuts a little bit deeper than yesterday's In Cat Burglar, the gag was about how an intersex person could use the public's and medical science's lack of knowledge about intersex people to their advantage in a hilarious way."Future Husband's" gag starts out with a laughable situation in which a doctor who is examining our fifteen year old protagonist assumes that they will one day have a "future husband", and proposes that they begin taking estrogen immediately, so as to please this hypothetical man with a presumably more outwardly feminine form.

The book delves into her imagination, hypothesizing who this mysterious "future husband" might be, and the inclusion of the word "future" can only conjure images of astronauts. If the book had ended there, it would have already been enough, but in the last panel, we zoom in close on our main character's face and she asks, internally "...but what about ME?" very much laying bare the ludicrous hypocrisy of making someone decide on the path their medical future goes based on the theoretical desires of an unseen third party, while ignoring the wants and needs of the person sitting right in front of you.

This is, of course, a reality many women will face, both inside and outside of the queer community. I seem to recall a post that was getting shared a lot on social media about a year ago where a woman went to her doctor to get her tubes tied, and the doctor refused to do it because what if someday her husband wanted children? To which our patient responded "I can't believe a person I've never met is helping make medical decisions for me." or something along those lines.

The book is yet another amazing addition to any collection, with some great art, good social commentary and some topnotch humour to boot. Once again, I cannot recommend checking out artist Hann Lindahl enough. she's a fantastic talent with a great perspective.

I'll be back again soon with yet another amazing comic review! Have a great day in the mean time and don't forget to drink plenty of water.


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