Tuesday, July 18, 2017

QCE Review Series: Part 1 - "Cat Burglar" A Tiny Intersex Comic by Hann Lindahl

Hey there everyone! So you read in the Last Post that I went to QCE and I had a marvelous time. You might have also read that I left ALL the books I had bought at my friend's house, and was really looking forward to getting them back from her so I could read them. Well sir, that day finally came!
If you're on my Instagram then you know that I was having a great big idea, to actually read and review the stuff that I bought. Last Fanime I tore through everything I read with such ferocity, and after I was done, I was a little sad that it was over. So this is my way of prolonging the experience i have with all this new material, AND sharing it with my readers, while hopefully, at the same time, using this little platform I have to boost up other artists as well. That's something I really wanna be better at and doing more.

So, I'm gonna be reviewing these in a certain order. First off, I'll be reviewing them smallest to largest, because that's exactly how much of a nerd I am. I'm also not gonna tie myself down to a period of time. I'm just gonna review them as I finish them. That will mean basically a review a day for awhile since a lot of these earlier books are literally like 4 pages long, and that will space out over time as the books get larger (longer). Also, something you'll notice is that some of these books are by the same author. They will not be reviewed together just because of that. I'm really serious about going by size. Fight me.

Anyway! The first book on my list is "Cat Burgler" by dear friend Hann Lindahl. I met Hann for the first time at the LAST QCE, but I feel like I really got to know them at THIS one (and over time via social media). I picked up a number of her books because the first time we met, I did not. Now is the perfect time to catch up.

Cat Burglar is one of the aforementioned 4 page zines. It plays out like a Newspaper Strip, actually, but encapsulated in a cute, tiny little book! Marvelous! It's hard to remain spoiler free in a book with four pages, but on the other hand I don't wanna be like "you should get get it! I ain't tellin' you shit about it, but get it!" I will, however, strive to find a balance.
The joke of the book is that, when the protagonist discovers that they have a chromosome pairing that doesn't match their at-a-glance outward appearance, they have a little fantasy about becoming a cat burglar (as per the title) and the DNA evidence they leave behind leading the cops on a wild goose chase looking for a gender that ain't theirs! :D

The art is adorable, colourful and reminiscent of art that you'd find on Cartoon Network or something like that. Soft colours, soft lines, yet manages to not look squishy and formless. The form and figures have a confidence and sharpness to them that pops off the tiny pages, and really makes you wish the artist would do a long form book one of these days ❤

This one spoke to me a lot specifically because of what I've been doing in TransCat recently. This is a little ways away from release, but since we're such good friends, I'll let you in on a little secret. In TransCat #9, TransCat fights a giant Y Chromosome. Literally punches it right in the face! That's all I can say for now! Cat burgler might be hard not to spoil, but TransCat isn't it, so a little blurb is all you're getting!

But anyway, that was Cat burglar from Hann Lindahl!

Check back here soon for MORE reviews!
Until then, though, have courage.


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