Monday, June 26, 2017

Queer Comics Expo 2017 and New Patreon Stuff!

Hey hey hey there cats and kittens!
If you're following me on Social Media then you know that not only is Queer Comics Expo 2017 on the way, but that I'm part of it. I don't think they're doing the art gallery thing like they did this year, but instead going for a more straightforward artist alley experience. I'M stoked and I will do my best to cook up some exclusive content for it.
Apart from that, this will be the first actual convention that I'll be selling TransCat issue #8 at. So if you have not ordered yourself one online yet, feel free to hit me up! I'll be there with all my back issues too!

It's gonna be July 8th and 9th at the Cartoon Art Museum (934 Brannan St. San Francisco).
Tickets are $15 for a day or $25 for both days. (Special Discounts Available) (Get Tickets Here)
There's a lotta artists and a lot of other people I am hoping to see there, but let's do our best to bring in as many new faces as possible! No matter what, it's gonna be a hell of a show! <3 br="">

Apart from QCE, I gotta new Patreon project in the works!
A new comic is being uploaded, a page a day, starting this week, that explores the mythos behind TransCat's world and the origins of the hat. It introduces a new character, Oquezi the Demon Cat (an original character by artist and author Edgar Purviance) and reintroduces a character that I brought onto the scene last March, Senior Mysterioso.
This new comic "Westfall Prelude: Oquezi and Senior Mysterioso" by Edgar Purviance tells the story of how these two ominous figures know eachother, and what they have to do with TransCat.

First page goes live today, Monday the 26th of June. I'll be uploading a new page everyday until next Monday, the 3rd of July. 8 pages total and all it'll cost you is a dollar a month! Come on, CHECK IT OUT TODAY.

So this isn't a great big long blog or anything, but there IS one last piece of new business i'd like to bring up that also concerns Patreon.
I'm currently raising money to get the TransCat Graphic Novel, I'm trying to get it put together, organized and printed! It will include remastered versions of TransCat Issues 1 - 6, plus a few exclusive extras! I don't wanna be that kinda cartoonist who's just making you buy the exact same thing again. Even if you have issues 1 - 6 already, I wanna make this book worth it to you.

Here's a quick mockup of what i'm using as the front cover:

Subject to change, obviously, as It's still a year out.
Anyway! Thanks for stopping by! More news as it comes!


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