Friday, June 2, 2017

Fanimé 2017: All The Fani That's Fit To Mé

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I've stated this before on a few different occasions, but it simply cannot be restated enough times, while i am not a religious person, Fanime is still on par with a holy pilgrimage to me. If I ever miss Fanime, I hope it is because I've passed on and I've gone to that Big Convention In The Sky. I say without exaggeration that this was probably one of the finest Fanimes I've ever been to. There were a few bumps on the road, but all in all, the experience was an exceedingly pleasant one.
It almost wasn't that way though! In fact, the whole trip almost didn't happen at all! :O
Lemme set the scene for you. Early this year, I wanna say around January, my friend Danielle asks me "if I bought a Fanime hotel room, would you go with me and help me pay for it?" to which i responded with a resounding "He'll Yeah". Danielle is one of my most important hype girls and one of my best friends. The first time I EVER went to a Sacramento convention, she went out of her way to make sure people knew who I was and encouraged them to read my stuff. She busted her ass and I didn't even ask her too, and that's the only reason anyone in Sac knows who I am. so when she wanted to jump on a Fanime hotel room, I felt as if I had no choice but to throw down.

Sadly, that seemingly smooth beginning leads to a rocky second act, wherein after Danielle has purchased the hotel room, she befell some major financial hardships. so severe in fact, she came to me asking if I would take the hotel off her hands. It was a big deal because those things are NOT CHEAP! But I did it anyway because I really wanted to go, and I was certain that I'd be able to find people who wanted to come with me.
THAT was the single hardest part! I got a LOTTA maybes! I got a lotta folk who at first said "yes" but then had to back out for reasons beyond their control. I had at least two solid "yes's" and a couple "maybes" by the time con time was starting to really roll around. My friends Robert and Courteney were DEFINITELY in, and I had a couple friends coming from outta state who seemed real into it. five people to the room seemed VERY doable, and even if the two maybes backed out, three people seemed alright too.
We were set. Or at least, so I THOUGHT!
As I worried, my two out of state friends had to cancel their plans. i guess some big real life stuff came outta the blue for 'em and going on a vacation around then woulda been a poor choice. I wasn't to phased. I knew the con was only about a month away, but I had planned for this. I informed my two definites as to the situation and things seemed okay. Until Courteney, Courteney, ugh, bless her heart... started having second thoughts! So with less than a month to go, I scrambled looking for at LEAST a 4th person to help alleviate the strain. Thankfully, at almost the zero hour, that alleviation came in the form of my friend Tiger, who could sadly only stay for a few days out of the whole weekend, but hey, any help was good help as far as I was concerned.


The hotel was a little bit farther away form the convention center than i was used to, not like SUPER far away, but like just far away enough that walking it would be inconvenient. I know this because me and Robert tried doing it the first day! Ugh, what a mistake. 4 miles doesn't SEEM that long, but when you have to avoid the freeways because you're on foot instead of in a car, you have to make a lotta twisty turns that just adds to your journey. Luckily, after that, we found out there was a shuttle that went back and forth form the hotel to the convention that we could have used. We used it literally every other time, very convenient.
Another interesting first for this con was introducing Courteney to Robert and Tiger. These are two friend groups who had never mixed before, and while I kind of assumed it would be okay, there is always the possibility of overlooked X-factors. Thankfully, those fears were put to rest after the first day and everyone got along great. i think I have a good sense of whom to introduce to whom, also it helps that most nerds will become pretty good friends with eachother if they can bond over the shit they nerd out over.
After all that was out of the way, we set out attacking the con. I was VERY pleased to find that the amount of artists in the artist alley who create original stories with original characters was WAY UP from last year. I might actually try again next year to get in if they decide to continue this trend. I bought myself a nice big handful of comics, a few new toys, a plushie, a board game, a soundtrack, a videogame, and a nice new coffee mug with some gothic styling on it.

I ain't never had a pokemon plushie before, but i figured Meowth was a good place to start. He's a very good cat who can make me some money. What's not to love?
I also finally bought myself a copy of Dirge of the Cerberus because I've never played it before and that's a travesty! The CD is the soundtrack to the film "Your Name", which, if you have not seen it, is an absolute treasure. I HIGHLY recommend this film. The toys are Bruce Lee (Middle) and Fujiko and Lupin from the anime Lupin III (Left and Right respectively).
The board game is a very interesting little oddity i stumbled upon. apparently I was told about this game once by friend but I do not recall. It's a comic drawing game which seems perfect for me and my friends. It's like a cross between Pictionary, Madlibs and Cards Against Humanity. I have this idea of filming a video of me and my friends actually playing it and uploading it here. That would be amazing.

Anyway, that's my trip! I DID manage to sell some TransCat there, despite not having a table, but ssssh~ don't tell Fanime that ;-)

Stay tuned for more STUFF in the near future, friends <3 br="">

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