Saturday, April 1, 2017

TransCat Pencil Adventures #6: Pay A Trans Person Day

Without further ado, I'll dispense with the pleasantries and get right to the links. - Awesome comic about a medieval knight, turned to a woman by a magic spell, and kinda starts digging it! - Fantasy artwork from a trans man - Poetry written with trans womanhood in mind. - charcoal portraits and nudes coupled with tattoo design. - Non binary performance artist - Sexy pictures of big, muscular anime guys (DEFINITIE NSFW) - Drag queen, performance artist. - Minimalist electronic music by a trans woman. - Ongoing web comic series by a trans woman. - Activism, art and poetry - Graphic design with a social justice focus - UX and UI design by a trans woman. - an educational experience for people who love to make things - A conept for a novel series currently taking shape with a trans woman at the helm. - A comic series by a non-binary person

Please check this space again, as this list is still being compiled.
If you are a trans artist who wants to advertise your work here, send me an EMAIL
In the mean time, Happy Pay A Trans Person Day!

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