Monday, April 10, 2017

TransCat #8, The Charles Schulz Museum and An Apology For April Fool's Day.

It seems like each new book I put out is a harsher and harsher fight to actually get out. either because of semantics, or because I'm doing something new and different with this book that I've never done before.
This time it was a little mixture of both.
If you're on my Patreon then you've probably gotten a chance to read the digital version of this book already.
However, there is a special surprise inside this book, if you order a physical copy of the, a free prize awaits you inside! What sort of prize, you may be asking? Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to tell you what sort of prize, because this is a momentous step forward in the progression of TransCat.

Issue number 8 will be the first TransCat book to include a music CD. Now if you've been following TransCat since the beginning, then you've seen the after story "Playlists" in every issue and you know that music has, and will always play a major role in its storytelling, but what I've done here is even a little bit more special than that.
I cannot simply burn a CD with all the songs from the playlist on it and stick it in the book. I am almost 100% certain that would be illegal. Since I don't want to be slapped with cease and desist letters from EVERY major record label, I'll do ya one better.

Included in this issue is a new, ORIGINAL song, composed and recorded by my good friend Ill Poe featuring HIS good friend, DJ Shoba. The song was written about the events in this comic, so for now, it is only available here! And ONLY in the first printing of the book! SO GET YOURS WHILE IT LASTS!
Don't worry, if you were not able to make the opening even at The Schulz Museum, the comic WILL be made available for purchase in my SHOP probably as early as tomorrow. I need to weigh this book and see how much different the shipping will be from my standards books (because not only is a disc included, but this book has more pages as well!) Expect another announcement soon.

On the Subject of the Schulz Museum appearance, it went amazingly well!

This was my first outing to a convention this year, and it's only one of two that I even have planned. It was nice to get back into the swing of things. It FELT like I hadn't missed a beat, and was still feeling very comfortable and at home in this setting. I did make one kind of funny mistake though, and that was that I did not really research the buildings and the surrounding area of the Museum at all! As a result, i was not aware there were multiple buildings right next to each other named for Charles M. Schulz. I accidentally wheeled by big box of comics into the Charles M. Schultz ice skating rink at first O__O
Seeing all those people walk around with their skates and the hockey sticks was my FIRST indication that I was NOT in a museum, but thankfully a helpful cashier at the cafe in the front was able to point me in the right direction, and I wasn't TOO late.

It was a low key event, and it was only one day, but not only did i manage to sell a respectable handful of books, I got to talk to a lot of kids who aspire to one day be art professionals like myself, and give them some insights into my process, and how I overcame the obstacles I encounter along the way. hopefully, having spoken with me will empower them to keep on doing what they're doing art-wise.

My next event will be Sac-Anime Summer, which is this September. Registration hasn't even opened for it yet, so keep your eyes peeled for further updates.

So this brings me to my LAST item for this update :D

If you follow me on my various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram, then chances are you saw my April Fool's joke about a TransCat animated series debuting on [adult swim] next summer.

If the sheer amount of messages I got from fans is any indication, then there's a good chance I actually DID fool you, and I am sorry for that :P
I guess Facebook managed to cut off the last second of the video (the part that actually said April Fool's on it), and it circulated far and wide without the giveaway, and APPARENTLY I'm just so good at creating fake [adult swim] bumper that most people just accepted it without question.
I got an inbox full of "Hey! Congrats!" messages that I just simply don't have the heart to answer!
Truly, t'was only myself who was an April Fool THAT day.

In either case, another reason to check out this video is that it contains a clip of the new song that is featured in TransCat #8! Give yourself a little taste of what you're in for when you order the book tomorrow.

That's it for now, my precious children of the night!
Talk to you all again later!

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