Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ides Have It

Good Morning, comic fans!
Today IS the Ides of March, and you know what that means. Sadly it means that TransCat Pencil Adventures #5 has come to a close. Don't worry, though! You can catch the whoooole deal on my

All it costs is one dollar to subscribe and you can read my entire back catalog of Patreon Exclusives.

Fret not though, friends. There will be more TransCat coming upon the horizon.
Maybe you've noticed the banner ad at the top of this post? Yup! you read right! TransCat Issue #8 is FINALLY coming out! And oh man, this is the big one. I swear, the wait on this one will be SO worth it! The actual reality of getting this book together was staggering, beyond all the others! I have a lot of cool, fun, extra stuff in there that I worked and waited for, for so long, trying to get it 100% perfect. Well, it's finally there, friends. It's finally there and I cannot WAIT for you to see it!

"When?" you might be asking yourselves? Why, April 8th! That's when!

"Why, what a coincidence!" you might be saying! "That's exactly the same date at Knave Murdok's appearance at the Schulz Museum!" You're exactly right! It IS the same day and it IS mighty coincidence!

As I've mentioned before, I do not have a lot of public appearances scheduled for this year, but in case you haven't heard, I WILL be at the Schulz Museum April 8th to be a part of their "Second Saturday Cartoonist" series. I'll be there, doing art, selling books and signing autographs, and what better way to make the occasion all the more auspicious than to debut my brand new book there?
Now, I'll only be there from 1 to 3pm, so the window is limited! Don't fret though, if you can't make the event, the comic WILL be purchasable through my Online Shop. Obviously.

With that outta the way, there are a few other announcements.

The "San Jose" comic will not be moving forward. The author decided to can it. Very sad. I did get paid for the work I did do on it, so at least there's that. I am working on two other commissions at the moment and if I'm being honest with myself, I'm being lazy with them. After those however, i'll be free and clear to begin/continue my work on TransCat #9. I have a draft that I started a few months ago, but i'm wondering if I don't wanna re-do it. I've had a few ideas since I started that seem like they need to get wedged in there.

Pray 4 Me!!!

In the mean time, look out for more Patreon exclusives! They're coming! Oh boy are they ever!

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