Tuesday, February 14, 2017

TransCat Valentines Cards!

Happy Valentines Day readers, or at least, Happy Last 14 minutes of Valentines Day, as the case my be as I type this.

I don't usually od last minute projects like this but yesterday I got the idea to make these, and managed to pull the whole lot together. They are of course TransCat Valentines Day cards, fashioned in the style of the old themed Valentines cards that they used to make us buy and give out to our friends in elementary school.

The very same kind that made you feel worthless and insecure the first year of middle school when they abandoned the practice. You went from one year, taking home 30 or more Valentines cards, and to the next, taking home zero.  Maybe becoming jealous of someone you know who did manage to get one (or a few) despite the fact that no one was making you give them out anymore.

Ahh, ain't love grand!??

Well this year, you can print out these free cards and give them to that special someone... but tomorrow. You have a good excuse for your lateness, though. Tell them you were waiting to find the PERFECT card, and now you have it!!

Download the cards at my PATREON PAGE and have a SWELL day!

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