Friday, November 4, 2016

TransCat Issue 8: The Impending Release!

So today I finished putting all the final touches on Issue 8 of TransCat. It looks beautiful, I cannot wait.
There is a problem, however, as you know. No convention appearances scheduled for at least 9 months, maybe even a year. Who knows?
So I'm looking at ways to release this in a way that would still receive a wide audience, and I've come up with some ideas.
Number one: I'm gonna release it page-by-page on Patreon. Starting next week I'm gonna release it a page a day on that platform as a subscribers only feature. So if you wanna get your TransCat Issue 8 on as early as possible, there's how yer gonna do it!
Number two: this one is a bit of a longshot but I'm gonna TRY and get a print version of it made before December so it will be available in the Shop if you wanna buy it as a present for anyone, or yourself tbh. Really though, think of it as a present for me! I need the cash!
Number three: If for whatever reason I can't get my shit together in a month, I'll be making one appearance in 2017 at the Charles Schultz museum in April. I couldn't think of a better time to debut a book.
Number four, if all else fails, the book will still at least be available in digital form on Patreon, and I can make my print edition available when my hiatus is over, or as soon as I can so that Northwest Press and Prism Comics can still carry me.
so these are my plans. Please keep an eye on Patreon. The uploading will start very soon.
If you aren't a subscriber already, please feel free to do so at any time. There's already tons of goodies up there for you to browse as a subscriber, and this won't be far behind.

So what do you think of this cover, huh?
This is the first cover I've ever done entirely on my own. I usually have a guest colourist come in and fill in my line work, but since I can't really afford to hire anyone at the moment, I figured I'd take it on myself to make a TransCat cover with a more minimalist approach. All of this was done with watercolour markers, a medium I cut my teeth on back when I first decided that cartooning might have been my calling. Anyone who was around for the earliest days of Parasomnia Comics probably remembers my extremely liberal use of watercolour in Blood Will Tell. This feels like the first time I've used them since then, or at least since some of the early Dave the Punk Rock Cat stories.
I like it, I think it turned out okay for something that I did all by myself. I thrive mainly in black and white, as you know, but once in awhile, I can make something that's black and white look not black and white, so that's a strength, mos def.

In the mean time, I need to wrap this up. The additional job I got to help out my family begins outrageously early in the morning, so I need all the shut-eye I can get.

Remember, keep an eye on that Patreon!

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