Monday, August 22, 2016

TransCat in Alphabet

You've heard me talk a lot about Alphabet this past year and how I'd let you all know as soon as it became available. Well, here we are, suckas! Finally, it is yours for the buying!

In case you don't remember, Alphabet is a massive anthology, a tome, if you will, of amazing comics all centering around the queer experience. Written and drawn by some of the best queers in the biz, if you ask me! It's a pretty dense book, i haven't even gotten through MY entire copy yet, but so far, it is VERY good.

Why am I promoting this book? I mean, aside from the immense amount of talent packed into these pages? Aside from the astounding importance this book, and books like it have in comic circles, in queer circles, and bridging those two words together? Well, a certain cat eared superhero might make an appearance in there somewhere towards the middle.

Yes! At long last, the story can be told! The secret TransCat story I've been holding onto since last summer can finally take it's rightful place among TransCat Canon!
Like a lot of the "extra stories" I was doing at this time, this story takes place somewhere in between the end of issue #2 and the beginning of issue #4 and involves TransCat's and Chloie's budding relationship. Something I woulda loved to have spent more time on in the regular comics, but had to sacrifice in order to keep the pace popping. But that's why I love these little standalone stories. I can do all kindsa of fun, non-plot related stuff. Plus! This is the very first TransCat story to ever be presented in glorious FULL COLOUR! and for that you can thank Winnie Tong, the artist who coloured the cover of issue #2 for me. Thanks, Winnie!

Anywho, you can order your very own copy of Alphabet by Prism Comics RIGHT HERE!

If you wanna get it but you're not quite sure what you're in for, Cathy Camper at Lambda Literary wrote a really Excellent Review of it right here. Check it out, if you wanna know more about the compilation. As i said before, I cannot recommend this volume highly enough, and that would be true even if I weren't part of it. It really just is a fantastic piece of artwork and an incredible achievement by Tara, Jon and the whole Prism staff. They really pulled this together and made a great looking book. Thanks to them especially for believing in us enough to just keep on pushing and making this book happen, despite the many, maany obstacles that got in their way <3 div="">

Anywho, that's some news. I wanted to write something happy an exciting to replace the depressing bullshit I had on my front page for the past two weeks.

I am STILL plugging away at issue #8, but since I not longer have the time I'm used to having to work on comics, I'm aiming for more of a late September release as opposed to an early September release like I was hoping for. That means nothing new for Sac-Anime or the Santa Rosa Toy show, but if i play my cards right, that means the last TransCat issue before the hiatus will be debuting at Gaymer X, which I can't think of a better setup, to be honest. I simply can't.

Speaking of which, i better get back to work!

Thanks guys! don't forget about my PATREON!

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