Monday, August 29, 2016

Sac Anime This Weekend!

Heyyyy yyyoouuu gguuyysssss~!
You know, just because I'm TECHNICALLY on hiatus doesn't mean that I can't be... just as... active as I was before. Maybe even more so? Hoo boy!

Yeah so Sac-Anime is this weekend. Not pre-registered? Don't worry, ticket sat the door is still a thing. I won't be bringing anything NEW new to the con, just issues 1-7 as per usual. no issue 8 yet (that's where the hiatus part kicks in). I WILL have some copies of the lasted issue of BAAU which I'm in, and as you know, that shit sells out fast, so there's that.

There WILL be a new zine coming out at the end of the month that I took part in! It's being put out by my friend Robert Olen Brown and it's called "Pixel Jizz". Don't laugh, this is very, very serious! :D :D :D
There's gonna be an exclusive TransCat comic in it plus an interview with me, just in case you were ever interested in knowing how I got started in this merciless biz and what video games I like.
That will be made available to you, like I said, at the end of the month, at Gaymer X, which I'll also be at. i'm not so sure about how available said zine will be outside of the con, but I'll see what I can find out.
It's a FREE zine too, so there's that! I know people often associate "free" with "garbage", especially at a con, but lemme tell you, this will the finest piece of trash you're ever handed at a con, you won't even WANT to throw it away!

Apart from that, the other thing to look forward to at Gaymer X is Prism comics, and their many copies of Alphabet that they'll be toting with them. If you're local, or if you'll be in the area or at the con at least, take advantage of this opportunity to grab your own copy, free of shipping costs! This past weekend, they were spreading the love down at Palm Springs ComicCon so maybe you caught them there too.
If not, the book is still 100% available at the Main Site.

Speaking of things that AREN'T free, I just recently finished my SECRET comic on Patreon, which you should definitely go check out! I'm still new to this whole Patreon thing, and I just haven't done that much with it yet, but here we go, my first big thing done on Patreon!
It's a whole comic, 20 pages, and you can see it all for a dollar. Neat, huh? Good look at what I done did.

Anywho, I will... keep plugging away at Issue #8 whenever I can. Gotta lot less time than I used to, but I'll do everything I can!
You'll probably be hearing from me again not long after the con, a lot more this month, cuz hoo boy if this ain't the real big one!

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