Friday, July 29, 2016


So I kinda did a soft launch on my Patreon a month or so ago, just so I can see how it ran, learn the tricks and whatnot and figure out in what way I could best utilize it.
So now that I have an actual plan, consider this my official launch of my Patreon!
Up first is a BRAND NEW TRANSCAT COMIC that the whole family can enjoy, as long as your whole family is comprised mostly of angsty teens! It's a 20 page adventure that I'll be uploading one page a day, everyday from now until August 13th (first four pages are already up).
And guess what, YOU can see it! You can look at the whole thing and read it and process the story and visuals all for yourself! All you gotta do is donate to the Patreon! Any amount will do! ;-)

In the mean time, I'm busy busy busy finishing up chapter 8 for you guys in the hopes of completing it before Sac-Anime on September 2nd!
This is without a doubt the grandest scale TransCat story I've ever told. I'm so, so, so excited to bring it to you guys. I wish I could say more about it, but I worry about giving too much away.

On the topic of not wanting to give too much away, yet another project looms heavy over the horizon of the TransCat universe. Again, a lot of this has to remain under wraps for now, but wheat I CAN tell you is, at least seven different artists are slated to contribute to it. Oh man, it's going to expand TransCat's narrative SO MUCH! And with luck, we'll get the amazing talents of six other artists noticed and off the ground. Well, that's not fair, a few of them are very much off the ground already, in their own rights, but for a few others, their works are still being built, and I aim to help as much as I can with that!
This is actually the culmination of a dream I've had ever since college, really, the idea of getting a handful of great artists together to all contribute towards one massive project. Although, back in the day, when I'd pitch the idea to other artists, it was very often met with disdain. I guess when you're young and in college and still wondering how to really lay down your own style, the idea of teaming up can seem a little bit like an obstacle. But i'm sure ego takes a huge role in this as well, so... yeah...

In either case, this current lineup seems a lot more promising!
Trust when I say that when this thing starts taking more form, you won't be able to get me to shut up about it, but right now, I'd like to preserve the mystery.

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