Wednesday, June 1, 2016

O, What A Day For A Fanime

I'm sure you're noticing that amazing photo front and center of King Ghidorah flying over Freddy Mercury in mid-high note. I gotta sat, I've been to a lotta conventions in my time and I've seen a lotta things, but this might be the coolest goddamn thing I've ever seen. I now want both of these action figures so I can recreate this scene in my room.
So! Fifteen years at Fanime! What a ride it's been!
In case anyone was wondering, no, I did not get a table this year. But let no one say I didn't attempt every road that was available to me! I even went to the Artist Alley ops table and asked if I could buy an empty table then and there. They turned me away with a very curt "we aren't selling any tables at the con this year". I can dig that, even though i had all my paperwork handy and all my comic stuff with me, I can see how selling off abandoned tables at the time of the convention could become hectic and hard to keep track of. And for an organization as regimented as Fanime is, if that's an extra hassle they just didn't want to take on, I can totally understand that. I was just a little miffed that the empty tables in the hall remained empty for the entire weekend :P

There's always next year...

Note to self for next year though! The growing prevalence of fanart in the Artist Alley has reached record levels! I walked through the whole thing several times during the weekend and took careful note of what I saw. There was nary a booth to be seen that didn't prominently feature some kind of fan art. Not to mention, only a scant handful of booths there featured original characters or original stories at all. I personally am not a huge buyer of fanart. I have no connection to it. If I like a character or a series and I want to buy products with that character's image on it, I'm going to try and buy it from the person who created it, or at the very lease the company that has the proper distribution deal for that character or series, so that I know, in some way, shape or form, that the original creator (or at least their estate) is still seeing something in return for the work they put in to making that character/series, and making it a thing.
While I admire the skill and dedication fan artists put into taking these already existing characters and either recreating them to the best of their ability, or re-framing them in a different style, or creating a clever mash-up or parody with them, the idea of such a thing does not translate itself into a product I feel I want to purchase. I doubt I'd ever hang fanart up on my wall, or wear it if printed on a shirt. At best, it's an image I feel like I'd like to have saved on my hard drive, just to reference and laugh at once in awhile.
The one exception i feel like I'd make to fanart being a purchasable product would be fan comics. Granted they're very illegal to make and sell, but at a place like Fanime, you can get away with shit.
I saw someone who had made a short Sailor Uranus / Sailor Neptune fan comic called "Cousins". I didn't buy it, but it was interesting. It was an example of a thing I MIGHT have bought. I remember back in the day, at a past Alternative Press Expo, my friend John bought these two manga style books about General Xiaou from Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was a story about what might have happened to him if he survived his ship sinking in the North Pole. It was pretty creative.
So yeah, despite not really having a connection to fanart, I feel that next year, when i create my portfolio for the Fanime board to review, I should definitely include some. Reel them in with a little bit of fanart, then hit 'em with TransCat when they're least suspecting it >:D
I've always prided myself on my ability to adapt, and if this is the way to make my portfolio more noticeable, then by gum! I'll do it!

I'm not too bitter about not having a table this year.
I was kinda ambivalent about it in the weeks leading up to the con. I kinda felt like i wasn't gonna get one, but I was still committed to trying everything I could to get one.
But I found up not getting one, which meant I was free to chill with friends, explore the con, stay up till the early morning and sleep till noon! Stuff i haven't been able to do at Fanime for 9 years! It's crazy to think about, but I've been tabling at Fanime, and cons in general, for 9 years! :O THAT'S INSANE!
When I think about that number, I truly am grateful I got to attend Fanime this year as something other than an artist. I got to vote in the Anime Music Video contest, I saw the Masquerade, watched some cool new stuff in the theaters, participated in Karaoke, wandered around, bought stuff, actually hung out with friends! It was very much like how Fanime used to be! A nice nostalgic reminder. I got an opportunity to TRULY tire myself out! I must have walked the equivalent of 100 miles around the massive convention hall, not to mention the distance we walked in between the convention hall and other places! Here I am two days later and I'm still exhausted. Exhausted in a good way though.

I'll be right back in the Artist Alley circuit in two and a half weeks though! The 18th and 19th will be my first appearance at Queer Comics Expo, which will become the OFFICIAL debuting spot for TransCat #7, even though it's been available at my Shop for a couple weeks now, which by the way, if you don't have one already, go get it NOW! :D . Then after that I'm just two and a half months away from Sac-Anime which I'm hoping will be the place I can debut TransCat #8. It shouldn't be a problem, I don't think. I'm almost halfway through it. My main obstacle is I keep picking up side projects to do. Simultaneously working on two different magazine projects AND the "No Son Of Mine" one-shot comic. Also, a secret project which I hope to reveal sometime next year~!

That's about it, my little buckaroos.
I'll keep you updated on new stuff as it occurs.
In the mean time, here's a list of new anime I saw I want you all to check out:

"Don't you Know? I'm Sakamoto"
"Lily C.A.T."
"My Love Story!!"
"Yamada and the Seven Witches"
"Your Lie in April"

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