Tuesday, June 21, 2016


While not the first time Knave Murdok has had a gallery opening, it IS the first time for TransCat! So that's actually pretty exciting! The official opening was this Friday at the Cartoon Art Museum at their new location on 934 Brannan St.. If you are in the Bay Area, check it out, as far as I know, the exhibit is still open! Go! Look and see!
In conjunction with the gallery opening was a small comic convention. The Queer Comics Expo. Hosted by the museum itself, it was my first time ever tabling at it, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I gotta say though, I am so glad that it was what it was. I don't think there were any more than 20-30 exhibitors, but it was so well attended by such enthusiastic fans! People who knew my work well and couldn't wait to catch up on the new issues, plus tons of people who'd never heard of me before and were eager to find out. I don't think there was a single hard sell during the whole weekend. Everyone was just genuinely really interested. That's a far cry from most mainstream cons, even a con like GamerX!
I think I made a lot of new fans, and more importantly, lots of new friends!

Check me out up there! Very seldom to a I post pictures of myself. I'm a secretive trans like that. But I was having such a good time at the con, I actually allowed myself to get in front of a camera this time.

Apart from being a gallery opening and a convention, the event was also a celebration for the official shipping of the Alphabet Anthology, which I and dozens of other talented artists took part in. If you pre-ordered a copy, you should be gettin' yours soon. If you didn't, don't worry! They're gonna make it available to the general public very soon! I know I've been pimping this book for a long time and it just hasn't been available yet, but the good people at Prism are doing their best, despite many setbacks. Worry not! Your time will come!

If you'd like to nab ANOTHER compilation with an exclusive TransCat story in it, check out this year's edition of BAAU Down! One of TransCat's many "Pencil Adventures" comics made it into print for the first time for this one.

I know what you're thinking, no, this sexy cat girl on the cover is NOT an artist rendering of TransCat :P She just so happens to be a DIFFERENT cat girl, so don't get too excited!

What else is new? Sac-anime is in a month and a half! I'm doing my best to work on finishing Issue 8 before then. Shouldn't be too difficult a task in the amount of time I have, but sadly, it's one of two major projects I've juggling right now. I have yet another TransCat appearance in an upcoming compilation/zine/thing. Pray for me, folks.

Last thing, I just wanna re-iterate that I'm still offering A FREE TRANSCAT PRINT to anyone who donates to the Pulse Victims Fund.
If you're in the Sacramento area and wanna see me at Sac-Anime, I might even bring some of these prints with me, just in case you wanna get one in person.

Here's the gist of it! Donate to the Go Fund Me. Take a screen cap of your receipt, like so:

...and send it to either my EMAILFACEBOOK, TWITTERTUMBLR or my INSTAGRAM.
Include a shipping address, and I'll ship this wonderful new print to you <3 br="">I will be running this promotion until they reach their goal.
ANY donation amount will get you a print! i know not everyone can give a lot, and I don't want to exclude anyone from getting this print just because they're not a person of means.
So donate early, as much as you feel comfortable with, and receive this free gift from me.
BTW: I'm not in any way affiliated with this charity, i'm just doing my best to pimp it.
Thanks for the listening! And I'll see you guys soon!

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