Monday, May 23, 2016


As you can see here from this Actual Footage™, TransCat #7 is very real, and is about to hit shelves. And by "shelves" I mean you can order it from my Store right now, and it will be coming to Northwest Press and Comixology very soon!

Normally, when a new issue comes out, I hold off on putting it on my store for a little while since I tend to schedule my book releases around convention time, in this instance it would be Fanime. However, since I am still on the Fanime waiting list, I'll just throw this up now. That way, if i never make it to the Artist Alley, it's still 100% available for you. I've heard it said that they sometimes call people the day before to let them know a table has opened up (happened to me once at a different convention). I've also heard that they sometimes have tables to sell last minute to lucky first-come-first-servers who show up early Saturday morning when other artists cancel, or have to leave early.
So fingers crossed, I can still benefit off of someone else's misfortune.

Apart from that, I have Queer Comics Expo officially confirmed for next month, June 18th and 19th! Never been to this show, but I've met the people who run it. I have a feeling it'll be a great one.

Some good news to those of you who supported the Alphabet Kickstarter! Your copies should have shipped by now. As for when it will become available to the general public, I'm still not sure. But soon! Soon! This I can be sure of!

By way of Alphabet, I've also become involved in a gallery showing at the esteemed Cartoon Art Museum. Many creators who contributed to Alphabet will be displaying the original artwork shown in the volume. The official unveiling does not yet have a date as the gallery itself is still being organized, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be blowing up your guy's feeds with info as soon as I have it.

Aside from that, Sac-Anime is the closest thing I have planned, and I don't wanna think that far ahead. There's a part of me that's actually kinda stoked about attending Fanime as something other than a guest for the first time in almost a decade. As much as I like doing business at the cons, there is something I dearly miss about going to a con just to go to them. This is especially true of Fanime for me, since, as I've mentioned countless times, that's my Home Con. It's the one I cut my teeth on. It was the first con I ever went to and the first con I ever legitimately sold at. I sold illegitimately once at WonderCon, but that's another story. In either case, I'm going to prepare like I'm gonna go to sell there, and I'm actually gonna try to get a table too, but barring that, I am going to just enjoy myself.
It is also of note that X-Men Apocalypse is coming out that weekend as well, so that should add an extra layer of excitement to this proceedings. I love when big movies open the same weekend as a big con, because the whole crowd is jsut simply abuzz with this shared experience. I remember the last time I experienced that was when Pirates of the Caribbean III came out. Me and a handful of friends went to the midnight showing opening night, and then went right to Fanime the next morning. When we were there, pirate regalia was in full swing. There was even a nearby construction site that hung a jolly roger from the top of a crane. It was a magnificent sight from the balcony of the main lobby (which is a main social hub at Fanime.)

Sadly, along with some of the exciting changes coming for this year, there will be sad absences. Many of my friends who were once staples of the show will not be returning. One of my closest friends is only going to be there on certain days. It'll be weird without them there, but i'm sure we will find a way to keep their spirits alive :D

Anyway, yeah, short update this month guys! Hang tight and i'm sure i'll have several dozen Fanime pictures for you in a week's time or so! Many hearts!


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  1. Oh my gosh, that cover turned out great. I'm proud of it, and I'm proud of you, Knave!!