Wednesday, April 20, 2016


This is coming, friends! It is coming and there's nothing that can stop it. I guarantee I'll at least be finished making it before the end of April, so look for an early May release.

I am currently fighting my way out of a depressive state that's been hanging over me since late last year over the form of a health problem that quickly turned into a financial problem. however, now that tax season is over, I can almost safely say that this is behind me and dealt with. Unfortunately, my productivity in the interim was pretty much entirely sapped. That's not to say I HAVEN'T been working. i have been, but it's harder to find motivation and even harder to find my stride. Recently however, it's been getting easier, and I think a lot of that has to do with the weather getting sunnier, and the fact that the drama (and trauma) I was wrestling with RE: my health issues is mostly behind me now.

So here's a sneak preview of what's coming from issue 7! There are Simon & Garfunkel references, and science? Yes, Science! Science is gonna take a starring role in TransCat for a few issues pretty soon. I've been struggling to write the script for issue #9, which is not only going to be entertaining, but will also contain a lot of FACTS. The seeds for this story arc are planted here. Actually, they were planted in issue #3! Feel free to go back and reread that one! It's the sexy issue! The one everyone seems to claim as their favourite.

So anyway, yes, this cover! This fine cover was coloured for me by a newcomer in the TransCat circle! Ms. Warryn Evins took the reigns on this one. she was introduced to me through my friend Juniuper, who is becoming my new TransCat representative in Nashville TN and the surrounding areas (more on that later.)
In either case, Warryn did not disappoint, you can find more of her and her work O'ER YONDER! she does good work and I hope to work more with her in the future.

That's not all! Issue #7 will have a mini-story drawn by none other than Edgar Purviance. You will recognize him as the colourist from Issue #6 Edgar also helped me with the colouring for the short story I submitted to the Shuffle Anthology from Prism Comics (again, more on that later).
Speaking of Prism, the first anthology I submitted to, Alphabet should be coming out soon. I was asked not to name any specific release dates, but "Soon" was a good enough descriptor. Keep an eye on that website there if you want continuing updates on when and where you can snag this wonderful compilation, which contains not only one, amazing, exclusive TransCat story, but the works of literally dozens of other talented-ass peeps! For real, bros, scope this one out!

So as I said before, we are approaching the sunny season, and as we all know, the sunny season is also CON-SEASON!
I have lots of appearances planned out, and this time I'm a little bit more organized.
Here's what the schedule looks like so far:

May 27th-30th
Fanime (Wait List)

June 18th-19th
Queer Comics Expo (Waiting for Confirmation)

September 2nd-4th
Sac-Anime (Confirmed)

September 24th
Santa Rosa Comic & Toy Show (Confirmed)

September 30th-October 2nd
Gaymer X (Waiting for Confirmation)

October 8th-9th
Alternative Press Expo (Confirmed)

October 22nd-23rd
Sac-Con (Wait List)

So just a quick primer in case you don't know the lingo. "Confirmed" means i'm definitely gonna be there and I have a table. Wait List means I applied for a table too late and am waiting to see if I get chosen after cancellations. Waiting for Confirmation means i sent in my application, and they have not yet let me know if I have a table, or am on the wait list.
I'm pretty positive about Queer Comics Expo, Gaymer X and Sac-Con. I have a feeling I'll get in. Sac-con has a lot of time in between now and then, lots of time for people to drop out and free up space I could potentially take up :D
Queer Comics Expo is a small show put on by the Cartoon Art Museum in SF. Apparently they got a lot of applications, and they're actually trying to pair down artists who they feel would be most relevant for a show about queer comics :P I am confident that TransCat would fit in nicely there.
Gaymer X is a little bit of a wild card because it's a big show, but I applied super early so I feel my chances are good!
Fanime on the other hand doesn't seem terribly likely.
I spoke on this matter once before, but I'll recap here.
Fanime changed the way they selected artists for tables.
It used to be a very simple first come / first served kinda system, which can be hectic, but it's very fair. since Since Fanime is my favourite con, I always made sure I was up as early as possible, logged in and had all my info in order so that I could snag a table right when applications were open.
Three years ago, they changed the whole system. Now they give you a two week window to submit your application as well as a portfolio of your work, and instead of being first come / first served, a panel of judges decide who they want in the Artist Alley. This was meant to alleviate the stress of logging on first thing in the morning to make sure you got in, but I have to be honest, I don't like this system.
I was lucky enough to have been chosen the first two years, but i know so, so many super talented people that did not get in. This year it looks like I might not get in. So like, what standards are these judges even judging by? It's impossible to know. It seems more like applying every year will be a crap shoot, you might get in, you might not, depending on who is judging your work and what their own specific preferences might be. I liked it better when getting in was skill based and not luck based :P
BUT! On the other hand, I am certainly going to Fanime regardless. Like I said before, it is my favorite con. I've been going since 2001 and tabling since 2007. Maybe it wouldn't be such a tragedy if I didn't have a table for one year. I could go and really experience the con again! Might be nice!

So that's it for now.

I'll have some updates soon, so keep your eyes peeled, dear friends.

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