Friday, March 4, 2016

This post was made for Marching

It's been a little bit since there's been an update, and that's mostly because there hasn't been much to say. I wanted to hopefully take some time off after Sac-Anime and just work on things, prepping for the busy March that was on it's way.
Well that's part of the reason I'm updating now, because March is here, and some changes to the roster are coming up. I'll get the bad news out of the way first, i'm not gonna make it to WonderCon. I know, I know, i was looking forward to that one too, but it's just not gonna be realistic for me, money-wise. I'd be cutting it really close at a time when I'm already kinda scrimping and saving and I just don't think i can put myself through it. Maybe next time, Anaheim!
The good news is that Sac-Con is still happening and that'll be in just a week! no new releases planned for this one, but then again it's only my second con of the year and not a lot of people have seen issue #6 yet, so there's that! I'm gonna hop to and see if I can bang out another con exclusive print for this baby.
Speaking of which, the header of the post today is an old con exclusive from ... I wanna say October of last year? This is a slightly modified version of what I officially released, so if you were not one of the lucky 25 people who snagged this limited edition fucker, now you can at least see what it looks like. I am definitely what you'd call the "collector type" and I think a lotta my fans are as well, so I understand the importance of keeping limited things LIMITED! By no means am I trying to devalue the print. Think of this more as a taunt ;-)

So what's new?
Issue 8 is almost finished. I mentioned it on my facebook but not on here that I think issue 8 is gonna be a long one. The storyline I chose for this book is too big for one standard size issue but not big enough to be split in half. So i'm jsut gonna run it as a slightly longer book, and maybe forgo the side story at the end. There is yet another surprise that I have planned for issue 8 that I am hoping like heck will come together in time for release. I don't wanna talk about it too much here because when it drops, it's gonna be a big surprise, but I'll lay this hint down here: this may be the beginning of TransCat's foray into multimedia <3 br="">
Here's another thing I spoke of briefly in the past that is coming to fruition is the Chloie side story "No Son Of Mine", here's a super early sneak peek at that :D

I am dying over how fun and cool this is to write and draw. I can't remember how much detail I went into explaining this concept in the past and i'm too lazy to go searching through my past blogs looking for it, i'll I'll just go over it real quick here.
If you can't tell from the preview image, I am going after the old fashioned punk zine of the 80's look. Translating that into comic book form has not been as challenging as it sounds. See I did my research. Yeah, that's a thing you gotta do when you're creating media. I found that that punk rock and comics share a long history together <3 br="">This is actually a thing I kinda already knew from my work on Dave the Punk Rock Cat, but now I'm actually doing more in depth research and going outta my way to achieve a certain visual aesthetic.
This is kinda sorta gonna rule when it's finished.
More updates are on their way.

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