Monday, March 14, 2016

March Madness :O :O :O

Sac-Con came and went folks! What a ride it was! A ride through pouring rain, mostly. I don't think I've ever been to such a rainy convention! San Francisco conventions I've been to in the past have been drizzly and gloomy but this was like a mini-storm going on. coincidentally, there were also a few really good cosplayers dressed as Storm from the X-Men.
The harsh weather really affected attendance, it was very noticeable. Day two was a lot better than day one, but it was still pretty bare compared to most other Sac-Cons I've been to. Regardless, I still did "okay" sales-wise. It certainly wasn't my best, but it sure as heck wasn't my worst, either. I think I just barely broke even, but then i ruined it all by buying a Han Solo and Captain Phasma action figure. But whatever, right? :P

The con was more fun than it was lucrative, and in the end, that has always been my goal. I also think that I introduced the character of TransCat to yet another new crowd of awesome kids who are hunting high and low for representation in their comics. Some others who didn't even know they were looking for it but were overjoyed when they found it. I also found some longtime comic collectors who were just enamored with indie comics and wanted to try something new. more than a few of them got issue 1 on Saturday and returned Sunday for issue 2. Hopefully they return for future cons!

There were some other non con specific maladies I had to deal with that were annoying as fuck.
First off, hotels were super cheap this time around so I sprang for one. I was amazed at how nice a room it actually was for being so cheap. There was a mini fridge, a microwave as well as a kitchen and bathroom sink. At first I thought I hit the jackpot! Comfy bed, large TV, private bathroom, etc.
But then after the first night, I realized something odd. The wall outlets in this room, while working perfectly fine for every other appliance in the room, did not work on my phone. In fact, not only did it not charge my phone, it actually slowly drained it. The battery went down by at least 1% every half hour. So when I left it plugged in overnight on the first night, and found it at 75% when I woke up, i was concerned. not only do I use my phone at cons to take pictures, but also as my card reader for people who don't carry cash. I had to make sure to restrict my phone use throughout the day, and save it for important things. good news was that it still charged in my car just fine. But man... weird shit.

Now on to the bad news.

I already talked about how I wasn't gonna make WonderCon like I hoped I was. Turns out I probably won't make Silicon Valley Comic Con either! That one was entirely my fault though. when i got the application for the table, i filled it out and sent it to the wrong person. Turns out there was another address way down at the bottom of the email I should have sent it to, but I was foolish and sent it back to the person who sent it to me in the first place, so it never got processed. I was suspicious when I realized that March had come around already and no one had contacted me yet. So my super busy March that i was looking forward to has completely fallen apart, except for Sac-Con. I guess this gives me more time to draw, right? RIGHT? :D

At the moment, I have no other big cons scheduled. i am trying to get into both APE and GX4. I will keep you guys updated on the status of those two cons.


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