Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Day Late, A Dollar Short: The TransCat Issue #5 Story!

About time, right? Get it HERE!

Wow! so this is finally out! Right?
Actually, it's been out for a couple weeks now, but I'm just now getting around to putting it up on the shop.
Let me explain.
I was doing my best to get this thing finished and released in time for Sac-Anime, which I did! (More on that later) But what wound up happening right AFTER Sac-Anime was two of my best friends wound up getting married (Yes, to each other) and I just couldn't not be part of that ceremony.
Then immediately after that, I had to skip town to Denver, CO for a week to attend my grandfather's funeral.
I brought my laptop with me in the hopes of updating my site while on the road, but for the life of me I could not make it connect to the wifi in my uncle's house.
At that point I just said "fuck it, I'll update when I get home!" So here I am! Doing that thing!
The comic is in stock and available at the shop with everything else.
A few changes tho. I had to remove the 2 "Dave the Punk Rock Cat" issues that were lingering around on the bottom. I gave away my last few issues of those are prizes in a charity giveaway thing at Sac-Anime so now they are officially GONE! Out of print! Forever, maybe? Or least out of print until the gritty reboot directed by Zach Snyder. Who knows?

I am also renewing my efforts to figure out how much it costs to ship things. I've had a lotta peeps at cons asking me to sell my shirts and hats online. Probably my posters too. I gotta figure that out.

Also, if you follow my FACEBOOK PAGE then you already know I've shut down my art commission orders. I'll still do commissions AT conventions but as for taking requests at any other time, I've had to shut it down. It is too time costly and really detracts from time I could be working on TransCat. I've seriously committed to to putting out four issues a year and I wanna stick to that as best I can. I don't wanna be like TOO MANY indie comic creators and keep my readers waiting for months, years, etc. between issues. I don't wanna be Rick Speaks, keeping us waiting eight years for issues #7 and #8 of Pirates of Coney Island. That will not be me! I swear!

Pictures can be found here!

But anyway! Sac-Con! Yes! That was very good! An auspicious debut from good ol' TransCat #5.
Lots of excellent cosplay this year, Steven Universe Fever hit the con HARD! I am very glad I took the time to get myself caught up on that series. Turns out it's a fad for a reason. So good! I wasn't taking tons of pictures this time because I was mostly at my table by myself. My longtime Sac-Collaborator, Danielle was unfortunate enough to be snagged by work hardcore this weekend. Thankfully, I had a few other buddies come to keep me company so the con wasn't as lonely as it coulda been.
One of those friends happens to be good ol' Al Neun! You might remember Al as the artist behind the TransCat Mini-Sode in issue #4! Well hang on to your FUCKIN' SOCKS because Al has his own series now!
Ladies and Gentlemen and everyone beyond and in-between, I present to you, Issue #1 of Transformed!

Get it HERE!

Transformed is a hell of a book, and I actually had the privilege to read it while still in development stages. It is a GREAT first issue and hopefully the signally call for many more issues to come! I know it's rough for an artist's first publication. I will say this for sure, Al's first book looks a hell of a lot better than MY first book! You all should follow that link and buy yourself a copy! It's a super cute read, and there seems to be some inklings in the first issue of a deeper plot soon to blossom. I personally can't wait, and neither should you! >:O

So that's about it with the past stuff, now some future stuff!

As you know, Alternative Press Expo is coming up, and i'm gonna be part of it. In fact, I'll be bringing along Al and some other artist friends of mine! :D

Not too long after that will be GaymerX Part 3: GaymerX Rises! This one I am actually SUPER excited about because not only will i be there selling my books, but I have enrolled in yet another speaking engagement, a la' my ComicCon appearance! :D
It'll be pretty sweet! More on that to come.

Also, there's that Alphabet anthology I'll be featured in soon!
I think they said they were looking at a November release for that? That'd be perfect, since it'll be my Birthday around that time. I'll let you know more when i know more :D

Everything is coming up TransCat!