Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pre-ComicCon Emotional Meltodown D: D: D:

First thing's first, I realized i never uploaded or shared ANY of my Fanime pictures. I got real lethargic after that con, and then lethargy turned to forgetfulness, and now that ComicCon draws ever nearer, I feel i should do what i can to give these guys the proper unveiling they deserve.

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But now I cannot afford to be lethargic, because San Diego Comic Con is literally tomorrow and I have approximately 400 miles to cover, and one last day of work to get through. I've definitely traveled farther distances before, but never for anything this important. Also, San Diego has accrued somewhat of a reputation for being a crowded, busy city. I've sworn on my life, a vendetta against San Francisco, I can only imagine what sort of piss soaked, white knuckled, shrieking terror awaits me in San Diego, a city roughly 1.5 times as large and roughly twice the population. I pray I make it without having some form of mental breakdown =_=

That in itself would be a feat, getting to the city BEFORE having a mental breakdown, that is. Like I said,, one last day of work left, then I need to make the drive there, at the same time everyone else is getting out of work.

I am prepared for Armageddon.

Thankfully, I'm arriving at a friend's house first, so I can get right to bed if need be (I will probably need exactly that) and THEN, even on the first day of CC I don't need to be there before 4pm. That will give me plenty of time to traverse the horrors of the city and the existential torture of finding a place to park my car.
I figure I'll take my car on the first day, since I'm having to lug a box full of comics with me. The rest of the weekend, however, i'm gonna try and master the public transit system. Friday through Sunday I don't need to be there at a certain time AT ALL so I can take my time getting ready and getting there, as much time as I want.

This will be a very different sort of convention experience for me, since I am not expected to occupy a table the entire time. I have a panel, then an autograph session, and then I'm free to roam. I'll only be leaving my books at the Prism Comics booth, while the good people there sell them for me. I can do whatever I want in the mean time :O
Part of me is weighing the merits of being at the booth regardless of not having to be there. Afterall, who's better at selling my comics than me? But then again, how often do I get this opportunity? Almost never. It's a tough balancing act.

Either way, I'm excited. I just hope I don't go crazy before it all happens.

I'll be in touch, guys [heart]

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