Thursday, June 25, 2015


So! You remember last time (last month?) when i was talking about biiiiig things happening?
I wanted to tell you about it sooner, but had to keep quiet until every detail was finalized. it tore me up inside, it really, truly did, because I'm a press whore. either way, the big news can finally be revealed.

TransCat is coming to COMIC CON!!!

This will be my first time ever at this con, let alone being there in any kind of official capacity. Just being there is reason enough to be excited, but I've actually been offered one hell of an honourable opportunity. I'll be sitting on the panel for Writing Transgender Characters. Me and five other very talented artists and writers will be sharing our thoughts and experiences and fielding your questions about how we write our own respective transgender comic book heroes.

All info on this magical event can be gleaned from THIS link.

I can't say enough how honoured I am to even be considered for this panel. This is the most prestigious opportunity I've ever been offered, and I hope I'll be seeing as many of you guys as possible there.

I gotta thank my friend Zan, who runs Northwest Press. he helped boost TransCat's visibility online and is directly responsible for getting me on this panel. I also have to thank Tara who put the panel together in the first place, and has been so kind and helpful is navigating me through this big fat world of Comic Con :D

So, come! And crush a cup of wine!
Actually, please don't do that, just come and sit quietly and watch and ask a question if you feel like it :D

Apart from being on the panel, I'll be spending some time at the Prism Comics booth, where issues of TransCat will be available. Hopefully, if I can get my ass in gear, the long awaited Issue #5 will be making its debut there. If not, no big deal, we still got 4 sexy issues to choose from. And if that's not enough, Tara will be travelling around the country with these books at a variety of different conventions as well. Burbank, Long Beach, L.A., Salt Lake City and New York are all on the list.

So this is no small deal, for me, obviously. It is a big deal! A GREAT BIG DEAL! TransCat-Mania is going wild, brother!

I have limited time to do the rest of my preparations for this big fat show, so I'm gonna cut this blog post short and get back to work. More updates as they come.

~Knave Out

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