Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sacramento Comic, Toy and Anime Show! This Weekend!

This Sunday, Sunday! SUNDAY!!!
Knave Murdok makes her triumphant return to the Sacramento Comics Arena to do battle with the THRONGS OF RAGING FANS!
You payed for the whole seat, BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!!

This is actually very exciting to me, because this will be the first time TransCat's made it to a Sacramento show. Sac shows have been, and might always be among my favourites, the fan community up there is so strong, and the convention circuit up there is always so lively. Plus, two of my good friends live up there and I haven't seen 'em in awhile. So hey! Awesome!

not only will this be the first Sacramento show TransCat has gone to, it will be the first show EVER to debut TransCat #3, which I've been frantically trying to finish this whole last month.
For me, working on ANYTHING in between October and December might as well be rolling a boulder uphill. Halloween is a big fat distraction, then comes my birthday and Thanksgiving, and finally, Christmas and New Years. But I swear it will be done! it will be! I am sending it to the printer TO-DAY! Come hell or high water!

Just to prove it, here's the cover!
I'm proud of this one! well, i'm proud of ALL my covers, but this one is pretty great. Colours by the very talented Nicholas Caesar with some additional shading and effects by always amazing Winnie Tong (whom you might remember from last issue's cover.
Notice the parental advisory warnings?
Yeah, that's not a joke! I'm not bound by any "comics code" or anything, but i'm not one to sling "surprise" adult situations at you ;-)
This comic... gets sexy.
And not like sexy in some base and exploitative way. It's actually a really cute scene where TransCat imagines what a night with Chloie might be like while in girl form ^_^
No nip slips or anything blatant, it's all very suggestive, while still remaining kind of cute and romantic. But suggestive none the less! The warning is there for a reason.

There's another surprise I'd been planning to debut at this show! you might be clued into it if you're a follower of my Tumblr, but here's my OFFICIAL official unveiling!


This is just a shot of one of them drying, but they're done now and ready to sell!
I haven't been an avid T-shirt maker in almost 4 years, but good old Winnie convinced me to dust off my old silk screen and even went as far as to buy me some ink and even Speedball squeegee for my birthday!
It would have been ridiculous NOT to make shirts!

They're in limited supply right now, I didn't have time to make tons. But i'll break them out at the con and whatever's left over will go on the website ^__^

Before I depart, i have one last piece of TransCat news to share with you.
When I went to Gaymer X this past summer, I met up with a man from Northwest Press publishing. With his help, I am now distributing TransCat digitally! Check it out!

This is new territory for me, I've never done digital comics before. The closest I ever got to that was an old webcomic I did back in the 2000's. so I really want this to go well, so hopefully we can get issue #2 up there maybe in March or something. So here's what i'm gonna do! I am announcing a contest! Here's what you have to do to enter!

1. Buy The Comic
2. Write A Review on the Website (You'll need a Wordpress Login to do so)
3. Send me an email linking me to your review (chibiquincy@hotmail.com)

I'll pick 3 reviews I really like :D

3rd place gets a free print copy of Issue #1.
2nd Place gets free print copies of #1, #2 and #3.
1st Place gets a free print copies of #1, #2 and #3 and a T-shirt!

Contest officially begins now!
I'll announce winners.. let's sayyy... February 1st!

Thanks in advance to anyone who enters <3 br="">See you in Sacramento!

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