Monday, December 15, 2014

Sac-Con Reviews, Store Updates, Things To Come!

So this is a sample of a poster I had made specially for Sac-Con, they came out lookin' awful swank.
I'm gonna be adding this to the store front tomorrow, but first I need to get some shipping tubes, and figure out how much it would even cost to ship! 

Here are the two patterns of shirt I made! These will also be added to the store front, hopefully as early as tomorrow, but again the problem of shipping comes up.
I'm so dreadfully new to all of this :D
I only have experience shipping books, but now I am becoming a true "captain of industry!" I think this moment comes when the time to spend merchandising your art exceeds the amount of time to spend creating art.

MC Frontalot and MC Lars did a very appropriately titled song on this subject, "Captains of Industry". Check it out on any of THESE LEGAL PLATFORMS because media is important :3

So Sac-Con was wonderful~!
It's been awhile since I've been up there for a show, at least a year, and probably even longer since I've tabled at one. This time was very different indeed. Sacramento has never seen TransCat before! In the space of time between now and my last show there, I managed to produce three TransCat books! I would say the reception was mostly positive. I'm always worried some zealot will happen across my table at some con someday and start preaching to me about how I'm promoting a sick life style and how I'll burn in hell etc etc etc... but it hasn't happened yet, thank god.
The main thing that was different, however, was the AMOUNT of stuff I had to bring with me.
I've NEVER promoted more than two books at a time.
Now, not only are there three TransCat titles out there, but still the two Dave the Punk Rock Cat books. On top of that I'm not a t-shirt and poster maker. All in all, I was carrying three pretty large boxes, plus one smaller box, and a flat box full of posters. I'm just glad I had helpers, is all I'm sayin'. Shout out to Danielle and Lindsay for that! :D Yay!

In the mean time, I am going to make an effort to just get into more shows, period. I'm on the wait list for Sac-Anime in January, so keep yer fingers crossed for me.
In the mean time, Issue #3 of TransCat is officially up for sale ion the shop, plus a number of holiday bundles I three together <3 br="">

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