Tuesday, September 2, 2014

TransCat #2 is FINISHED!

So this took a little longer then issue #1 A lot of that was due to laziness and even more of it was due to depression, but it's HERE! It's FINISHED! Or at least... I'm done inking and formatting it.Gonna take it in to the publisher hopefully tomorrow, maybe a little later.
Either way, here's the raw, hand drawn/inked, unedited pages, all lined up in a pretty little row for you guys. This is as much of a teaser as I'm willing to give :P

SINCE there's no upcoming conventions I'm heading to, I have no real way of promoting this new book.
I coulda taken it to Sac-Anime but I missed the deadline for Artist Alley. Aside from that, I wasn't even done with it anyway. I got SUPER lazy after Gaymer X and then some stuff happened and I was just sorta blaahhh... about working. you could cal it writer's block, but it was mostly just lethargy, not gonna lie.

BUT! That doesn't mean I'm not gonna promote this ish now that it's done. There may not be shows to go to but i will MAKE something happen. I have a lot of POSSIBLE things up in the air.
There's an appearance at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Fransisco I've been trying to coordinate since summer. I also might have another speaking engagement (similar to my event at PFLAG) but I have zero details about that yet.
There's also a comic shop owner I know who's been interested in bringing me in for a signing. That again is more of a pipe dream than anything. Either way, if I can make it happen, I'm gonna make it happen! <3 br="">
I miss Sacramento. I really wanna go back to Sac-Con and Sac-Anime. Those were always some of my favourite times. I haven't been there since my Dave the Punk rock Cat days! They haven't even SEEN TransCat yet! Oh man, are they even ready?? One can only hope. I'm gonna try and go to the one in December.
I also miss Alternative Press Expo. That one's been even longer. I love that one so much but it's so damn expensive to get a table. Even if you register early. Also, you have to do everything with them through snail mail, and that's damned inconvenient. I seriously think TransCat would go over great there though~

Anyway... more updates to come as the book approaches its release date.
I wanna try and have it out by this weekend, but we'll see.

Knave out.

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