Thursday, July 31, 2014

TransCat #2 Cover Preview, Gaymer X Shenanigans and New TransCat Happenings!

I was hoping to make the Pencil Adventures more of a thing, and in the future I will. I haven't had a lot of spare time to do a new one (nor have I had tons of great ideas for ones either). So instead, I figured I'd showcase a newly finished draft of the cover of TransCat issue #2 instead. The colours on this piece were done my one of my newest partners in crime, Winnie Tong. we met at Fanime, I wanna say three years ago, then we met again totally randomly on OKCupid! How's that for coincidences? Seems like most of my best friendships come about through amazing coincidences.

Anyway,we ALSO tabled together at Gaymer X this year. I have a cute mini photoseries from that con that you can find on my Facebook Fan Page, become a fan if you aren't already.
Sadly, as much  as I like the pictures, they don't really do the con as a whole, justice.
In summary, it was one of the best conventions I've ever gone to. A LOT of that had to do with the fact that it was a Gay / Trans / Queer themed nerd convention, and that's just something I've never been to in my life.
Another huge redeeming facotr is that you HAD to be 18 or older to even buy a ticket. So unlike Fanime there weren't a lot of racist/homophobic/transphobic teens wandering the halls, trying to be "edgy" by insulting people. I can't even say how GREAT that was to not have around.
But mostly, just being around all that creative energy, in a non judgmental environment, full of people who not only accepted you for what you were, but never question it, never challenge it, and above all, understand it! That was an amazingly comforting feeling that I can't say I've ever experienced at any convention, or ANYWHERE, ever before.

The last evening was the best. I spent the evening in our hotel room, with my two roommates (one cis woman and one trans woman) they invited two friends over (two more trans women) and I invited one additional friend over (one more trans woman), where we talked, and laughed and played games, drank (they drank, I just had a soda) and essentially just had one of the best nights ever. It was such an accepting and inviting atmosphere, so much so that having to say goodbye to everyone at the end genuinely made me sad. I wish they didn't all live so far away. Oh well, my two roommates I can pretty much see whenever :3

And now comes the bad news! As awesome and cool and wonderful and sensational as Gaymer X was... IT'S IN TROUBLE! I guess there was some trouble with finding to begin with, and then after that there was an issue of a sponsor who I guess backed out of their pledge at the last minute. It resulted in the organizers being left unsure of Gaymer X would even be a thing next year. :/

You can read all about it HERE

There's some good news tho~ I guess when news of this broke out, a bunch of other gaming companies responded in kind, hoping to revive the con for 2015.
No news as of yet if there's gonna be a Kickstarter, or an Indie-a-Go-Go or any type of donation system that regular people can donate towards, but rest assured that if *I* hear about it, I'll be posting it either here, or on my Facebook, because this is important to me.

Some other good news on MY end!
While Issue #2 of TransCat is still about a month away, Issue #1 might see it's day in the sun once again. While at Gaymer X I connected with the owner of Northwest Press. I don't wanna get my hopes up too much, but he was VERY engaged by the first TransCat adventure and seems like he might be interested in publishing it. TransCat can ALREADY go all over the world, but this might actually help me get some actual readers... from all over the world ;-)
It's all very exciting, and I really hope it goes through. Once again I'll be updating like CRAZY when I hear for sure!! :D

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