Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TransCat Pencil Adventures! Issue #1

So SF Pride day is almost upon us, and TransCat needs more places to shine.
The book is out and it's doing rather well, but I wanted to do some exclusive online content as well. Lotsa peeps are asking of TransCat will ever make it to my blog.
I'll be honest, the capitalist in me is trying to avoid that. Specifically because I've been making some calls around to see if I can possibly get this book in comic store across America. So you can see how giving it away for free on my website might clash with that business model.

In the mean time, here's a little 3-page short. There is no official TransCat timeline yet, but if I had to ballpark it, I'd say this little story takes place in between issues #2 and #2. The character who does most of the talking's name is Chloie, she becomes very important in issue #2. Drew is just a throwaway character who might come back later, I dunno.

Either way, this is based on a real conversation I had with a friend and a friend's friend.
I guess this is a thing some straight people think about us now, Apparently we're the aggressors now because we have a gay pride parade but they don't have a straight pride parade! Do you know someone who thinks like this? Have YOU thought like this? Take a read here, maybe give yourself a little context and hopefully the rest will make sense to you in time.

I don't wanna summarize it here, because I said everything i needed to say in a dialogue.

I honestly don't blame people for not knowing about the Stonewall Inn riots though. I honestly had never heard of it until earlier this year. It's one of those unsung civil rights battles that doesn't get covered in school and no one really makes movies or documentaries about it that get lots of widespread recognition.
I dunno what kinda arrogance makes me think I'm gonna turns that all around with my little comic, but what can I say? I'm an artist. I'm an egomaniac. Things I say matter!

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