Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TransCat Can Do It!

This has been an eventful week for TransCat!
She made her overpowering debut at BigWow Comic Fest this Saturday, and today, Issue #1 is officially for sale at the Para~Somnia store! She is shipping world wide! So where ever you are, if you needs some TransCat, you can haz!
There's also this lovely poster, colours by the amazing Winnie Tong!
I am going to do my best to make this available to you as soon as possible!

So Big Wow! That was fun! I got to say hello to John Dolmayan of System of a Down again, second time I've run into him at a comic convention. This time he actually commissioned me for some artwork this time though! It was great, I vandalized a dollar bill for him. I've never felt quite so accomplished as an artist before!

I got interviewed for a few local newspapers, which is always great exposure. I'll be damned if i can't remember which newspapers they were though D: I was able to spread the gospel of TransCat though, so like, SOMEone will read it!

I was worried selling TransCat to the Big Wow crowd was going to be difficult, and it kinda was. TransCat is somewhat of a progressive comic book idea, and Big Wow tends to cater itself mostly to older comic fans. The Golden/Silver/Bronze age peeps. And not that they're not progressive, it's just that a little indie comic can be a hard sell to someone who has their mind set on filling the gaps in their Marvel Star Wars collections.
Despite that, I feel like I was pretty well received. I AM in California after all. There were some trans folk as well as many advocates around who were very taken with the concept. Even if they didn't buy the book right then and there, at least the word is getting spread.
One person who bought the comic said something to me that I found very reassuring. They said they were relieved when they opened it up and found out that it wasn't a tragic trans story. It wasn't about persecution, or harassment or death. It actually made them laugh, and they really liked TransCat as a character.
It says a lot when the majority of stories told by and/or about trans people are so terribly depressing. Art imitates life, after all, but I guess for some people enough is enough. I wasn't consciously going out of my way to make a non-tragic trans narrative, that's just how the story came out, funny :3

Perhaps in the future, when I do interviews, I can kinda make a point to draw attention to that.

But yeah, Big Wow was definitely more successful than I was anticipating. I am way more enthusiastic about Fanime though. The reason i was so butt hurt about possibly not getting into Fanime is because that's totally my people there! The Trans/Gay population of nerds tends to love Fanime a lot (I know I do) and if I'm to spread the word of TransCat effectively, Fanime is the place to do it! SO EXCITE!

Those of you looking for me, I'll be at table 906 in the Artist Alley.

Here I am on a map, sucka!

I'll be there chillin' with my buddy Red Shirt!
I'll have the book, maybe some posters, definitely some stickers, and I'll be signing autographs and taking sketch requests! But above all, having fun!

Hope to see you all there ;-)

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