Friday, March 21, 2014

TransCat #1 Promotional Ad Storyboard

So it's been about two months.
I've had to make some very tough decisions about the future of Brilliant Black Starres. I'd been uploading my Draft 1.5 thinking that very soon I'd devote some time to actually making a second draft that would implement the changes to the intro and the ending that I'd been kinda tossing in ad hoc to draft 1.5, but it was stupid and sloppy.

In the mean time, I kept on working on TransCat and would have these great idea for stuff that I could use in either TransCat OR BBS. And all the best shit kept on going to TransCat. Soon, BBS was shaping up to be a pretty second rate comic, and that's being generous. I can't play favourites with my creations, I dunno if i'm really capable of carrying on with two series at a time, and since TransCat is more important to me and has more headway, I'm putting BBS on indefinite hiatus.
TransCat #1 on the other hand is... pretty much finished. Just a few more things to spit shine and polish up before actual release. I'm getting the cover coloured, which is gonna be bomb. I have a friend who is helping me draw an epilogue for the story which is ALSO gonna rule.
I was hoping for a release this month, but I didn't want to rush these final details. I had my mind set on it being a quarterly, so I'm going to hopefully be ready to debut at Fanime at the end of May and then have an official June release. This all seems very do-able.

Other things of note, I'll be speaking at the PFLAG Stockton monthly event this April the 13th.
A short lecture about LGBTQ portrayal in media as well as LGBTQ content creators (like me!) The point being first and foremost to educate, the second being to hopefully inspire some of the cool LGBTQ affiliated kids in the audience with my own personal "success" story, *nervous laughter*.

So yeah! come to that thing! Here, I made a flier.

The OTHER thing, and it's not necessarily a thing yet, it's more the idea of a thing.
If you remember, a few years back I had done an appearance at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco for the release of Dave #1. It went really well and they liked me a lot there. I let them know about the impending release of TransCat and they're interested in having me again :D
no concrete plans have been made yet, because I guess the organizer just went on vacation or something, I caught her just a few days before she left, so we're gonna talk about it more when she gets home.
I'm assuming sometime around June/July, but I'll keep you guys updated. There will be many updates!

In the mean time, what I MOSTLY wanted to share with you is the storyboard for the TransCat animated commercial I've been planning on unleashing.
I found a very talented animator to help me with the project, and I'm super excited to see this all happen ^^

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