Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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So! This is a big update, and it wants a BIG cereal!
It's been awhile, as it often is. Sometimes I wonder if it would behoove me to to simply abandon this idea of this being a "weekly" blog, and just updating it when I actually have the time to do so. It would make me feel less guilty for missing updates. That, however, would be the easy way out :/

So why have I been absent? Portland. I went on a little mini vacation to Portland. And what a wonderful mini vacation it was. I actually went up there for a purely business related reason at first, but it was so nice that I decided to linger for awhile. I have nothing really going on down here that I simply NEEDED to be here for~ unless you count my mom's surgery, which was eventually what brought me back.

But the trip in itself was amazing. I am usually a fan of long distance drives. This is actually the longest distance trip I've ever attempted by myself. Prior to this I had driven to Arcata which is a good 6 hour trip, this was more like an 11 hour trip. 
I didn't do the whole 11 hours at once though. That would be dumb. I actually left the first day around 1 or 2pm, and stopped in Medford to stay with my friend Vickie and her mom and son for the night. Then I started up for Portland in the morning. I bunked with my buddy Jess, and her husband and daughter. They were kinda my home base for the entirety of my stay, They were also responsible for helping me conduct my business while I was up there, but that's a subject for another day.

Either way, it was great up there. I got to see a burlesque show and everything. A true vacation, by the very definition of the word!

I spent a whole 4 days up there, then headed down when I learned my mother had a surgery date. I stayed the night in Arcata with my friend Dani, which was awesome because soup was involved. I also got my nails did.

The way back down form there was awful, though! Usually a trip to or from Arcata from my home is about 6 hours, like I mentioned before. For some reason, when I left, there was so much traffic coming out of Arcata that it took more like 12 hours. It would have taken more like 9... but I stopped in Sacramento for dinner. Plus I have ANOTHER friend named Dani there, so it seemed the logical place to make a pit stop.

I made it home eventually, by the end I was freaking tired of driving. Since I've been home I've been trying to do as little driving as possible ^^ and it's been going great so far!

The trip unfortunately made me miss out on Sac-Anime, which is unfortunate, but it's also kinda... just fine, really. I've only had one really positive Sac-Anime. Granted it was one of my favourite convention memories ever, but at the same time, every time I've attempted to go to Sac-Anime since has been an unmitigated disaster. Ever since moving to the new location, the whole feel of the con has changed. When I first went it was mega crowded and popular, but in a small space. In a kind of leisurely, cool part of town that didn't seem to get a ton of traffic... except for the con goers.

Now it's in a bustling downtown area that seems to be always crowded, no matter what.

Not fun :(

I want to give it one more chance. I want to actually go as an artist, and see if that changes the experience for me any. Sac-Con is always great for me as an artist, who knows? Maybe Sac-Anime will be even greater?
I suppose we'll see.

In the mean time, Sac-Con is coming up, at the end of this month. I am gonna TRY my best to be there. That one is important. There is also Con-volution coming up in November that I'm pretty sure i'm gonna be at? i'm not 100% on it though.

updates... can happen.

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