Monday, August 5, 2013

Brilliant Black Starres: Preview Issue Page 10

So last update and whined a little bit about how I just really don't have much to say and not much is going on, and how hard it is to make blog posts interesting and that's why it's so hard for me to make updates on time.
Well now I'm updating four days later, obviously because I'm a fool.
Actually no, I'm doing it, because I want to get back on the Sunday/Monday schedule I already had going. Also to talk about some stuff... that actually happened!

First thing's first, I'm pretty sure I started a band today :P Me and this girl Jennifer whom I met at karaoke one night finally got together and did some original music. Something we'd been talking about doing for awhile. We only jammed for a good 3 hours, her on piano, me on vocals, but we had some great results!
We recorded a full cover of "Rabbit Heart" by Florence + The Machine, a song that I will always consider to be my "coming out" song. We also recorded a partial of an original song we wrote together. I had conceived of the lyrics several months ago, but never really had a melody in mind for it. Jennifer helped me come up with some music, and also re-arranged some of the words for me to make it flow a little better.
The song is called "The Choking and Crying Land", and it's a pretty epic ballad of crushing heartbreak and self loathing... as most of my songs seem to be. I'm sure we'll branch out soon enough.
Either way, expect to hear good things form us! I really hope this practice is a routine we can keep up! This is by far my most promising start up attempt for a musical project. Most of the time we can't get past the whole "talking about having a band" phase. Keep your fingers crossed for us :>

Second cool thing! I actually finished penciling the first chapter of TransCat this evening!
Seems like I've been doing thins for forever, but really it's only been about 4 months. That's not bad for me! I have an idea though, that might drag out a little bit, but it will totally make the book, and possibly the series!

So, you guys know Adventure Time, right?
Of course you do! Why wouldn't you? That's a silly question to ask!
If you don't know it, go LOOK AT IT NOW! It's a very, very good cartoon.
So the even cooler thing about this already cool thing is that Adventure Time also has it's own series of comics. They do a thing in these comics that I really appreciate. They have their main story, right? It's drawn by the main team and that's all well and good. But at the ed of each issue, they have these cool little side stories that involve the characters and world of Adventre Time, but has nothing to do with the main story. Even cooler is that they get really awesome guest artists to do these cute little short stories :D
I want to steal that idea for TransCat! Because TransCat is definitely gonna be that kinda series where lots of stories can be told that aren't necessarily connected to the overarching plot. Because, you know, it's a story about me and my life. LOTSA stuff happens to me. Not all of it is important, but lots of it is still interesting.

So, since I am blessed with so many talented artist friends, i'm gonna put the call out there, to see who wants to take a swing at these cute little end-of-issue side story ideas I have.
I think it could be a fun way to interact and collab with some awesome folk I know.

In other TransCat news, I created a playlist on Spotify full of music that I was listening to during the time that first chapter of TransCat takes place, which I refer to only as the year "200X", but if you take a look at the music, you might be able to guess what year it actually was :3
Anyway, you can access said playlist HERE! provided of course that you have a Spotify account already. If not, they're free, go grab one. Music is always good.

Anywho, I find this blog post to be sufficiently long winded.
More on this as it develops.

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