Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Brilliant Black Starres: Preview Issue Page 6 and 7

So I missed a week, and for that I am sorry. After all the hype I was leading up to that I was actually gonna introduce a human character who has dialogue, and then after punctuating my update schedule with a quick Dave comic, I totally drop the ball. How silly of me.
The least I can do is give you the two pages you rightfully deserve.

This past weekend was... wrought with perils, to say the least. I don't want to go into any kind of intense detail, for worry of sounding like a whiny emo drama queen, but I'll be brief and simply state that girls were involved. So a weekend trip turned into a day trip and the rest of the weekend/post weekend was just filled with me moping and being mopey. Then work began and I just moped at work and ... then s'more after work. I kinda got my spirits up again after being dragged outta the house by some friends on Thursday night. That was nice. Went to an old gothy club I hadn't been to in awhile and it brought back a lot of nice memories.

But still, the mopiness lingered, and I just could not make myself feel motivated to work on comics, like, at all. I tried though, really. I am nearly finished with the now 7 page fight scene going on in my TransCat comic. Even that though felt like a slogging ordeal. Like I was forcing myself to get the images down on paper. I haven't looked at them since, but I'm certain i'll probably want to re-do them later.

Usually my art comes from a pretty emotionally driven place. Especially now when both of my primary stories are pretty politically charged (BBS is a feminist story, and TransCat as goofy as it is, is a transgender story). My mope just drained me, and getting my dander up enough to feel the creative process taking hold of me just wasn't happening.

It wasn't until karaoke this week that I really felt like buckling down and working on stuff. It might be all the outrage I'm feeling towards the Martin/Zimmerman fiasco got my dander sufficiently up. Even though there really isn't that much of a racial overtone going on in any of my books at the moment... I suppose there might be some room for it in the future. That would require another hefty amount of research, cuz as a white person, it is a subject I simply have not experienced enough first hand to feel confident writing about right off the cuff.

Either way, dander rose and images made it onto paper. I'm still kinda bummed about what happened last weekend, but I'm just sorta trying to make myself believe there's more important shit I could be focusing on.

No matter what, that sentiment is almost always true.

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