Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Brilliant Black Starres: Preview Issue Page 5

Yeah! Now we're back to this little guy!
More animals, less humans, that's what I say! Oh, well, except for that the rest of the story from here on is gonna be all people, with just an occasional lizard cameo :P

I am afraid i'm gonna need to cut this entry just a little bit short again, because life is being totes cray cray at the moment. I should have been asleep 31 minutes ago, but guess what? I am not!

So, just a few quick updates. I am nearly finished with the first draft of my first chapter of TransCat. It's turning out really nice. The new Dave is still only a page long, but I'll work on that presently. I am currently re-working the opening sequence for Brilliant Black Starres, so I guess we'll see what happens? I also am gonna re-draw the ending entirely.

Also, i jsut got back from my high school reunion. woop woop~!

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