Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brilliant Black Starres: Preview Issue Page 4

Again with this lizard! Don't worry, he's important to the plot. I'm not focusing on him for no reason. Just because he doesn't talk doesn't make him not important. That a pretty human-centric notion that characters need to be human and they need to talk human languages in order to be important! You should be ashamed of yourself! This comic is all about breaking down those old boundaries, maaaan~! I you want comics with humans, go read your silly Peanuts cartoons! I'm sure in some way, those characters qualify as human.

Seriously though, I know this is probably requiring a lot of your patience. i swear there will be some plot coming soon.

I did NOT have a convention this weekend, and that feels odd. In fact, I really didn't do much of anything with my weekend. Well, except for hanging out with some friends. That's something! I got some (tentative) good news, hearing that a dear friend of mine from far away might be moving int my area! Provided she gets the job she's after. Then someone I only get to see once every several months might turn into someone I can see whenever we want! What a happy day that would turn out to be, should it come to fruition ^___^

Back on the topic of comic related things, I got these silly Batman serials from the 40's. for those of you not aware, Adam West was not the first person to portray Batman on film, and what I found in these serials is 10 times wackier than the 60's TV show could ever hope to be. Imagine that the the 60's TV show took itself really seriously, and had maybe a quarter of the budget. Batman drives around in a regular old car, the Bat Cave is literally just a cave with a bat in it, and the recycling of stock footage is an absolute necessity! This is pretty much exactly what we're dealing with here. Also, Batman and Robin are terrible fighters! Not only are the fight scenes sloppy and unchoreographed, but it seems like the dynamic duo get their asses handed to them in every fight! The robbers and gangsters they pursue are just way more well versed in hand to hand combat than a masked vigilante crime fighter. Christian Bale would hang his head in shame.
Even funnier, Batman is really out of shape, and Robin looks like he's about 37. Seriously , Batman has a beer gut and this middle aged Robin sounds drunk on every line he delivers. I suppose he'd have to be, before appearing in this feature sounded like a good idea.

What's even funnier is that I recently discovered that there's yet ANOTHER, even earlier film serial based in this universe. Apparently this one is super racist, as it was filmed in 1943, and hatred of the Japanese is still in full swing after the Pearl Harbor attacks. Batman storms in punching them shifty eyed orientals left and right! What a hero!
I need to get this! I'd hate to think there's a peice of Batman film history not currently in my possession!

Anywho, I need to cut this short. Tomorrow's gonna be a long day.

Much love! <3 p="">

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