Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brilliant Black Starres: Preview Issue Page 3

So last week i told you that there would be more to this story soon other than birds and lizards, and here I am next week with BAM! Birds and lizards! I'm a terrible liar. But for real though, I swear, we're about to meet a human character in the next couple pages. There might even be some dialogue. Geez, this whole high concept intro scene of mine does NOT translate well into a web comic format. I should just start working on a new Dave here pretty soon, get some yuk-yuks outta you guys at least! :P

I've been working more on TransCat (Previous Cat Man).
I am still sorta dubious aobut what exactly I'm gonna do with that. There's so many people I know who made it into the pages of that comic, doing things that they do and that are obviously them. How does that work, I mean with publishing? Do I need to get release forms from EVERYONE? I hope not. I refuse to change their names or appearances either. I am going to have to remain firm on this one (heh, firm). I know no one is directly opposing me YET... but a time will come, my friends, a time will come!

So, nothing that has anything to do with the comic, but I got a chance to be on TV. It's actually a silly dating game, and that's really all I'm allowed to say on the subject. I'm not even sure when it's supposed to air yet. I'm sure I'll hear something. So yeah, that's what I did all weekend, I got filmed! It's considerably more work than I ever imagined. I have a new appreciation for the people who do it every day, instead of just two days like we did.

Anywho, I am gonna need to keep this entry short. I am up WAY too late and I have work early tomorrow. Actually it's not even that early, but it's like... approaching. I have work in less than 12 hours. I'd better get while the gettin's good.

Love you guys. More next week. I swear!

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