Friday, May 17, 2013

Technical Difficulties

Okay so like, what?
Yeah, technical difficulties  that's a way of putting it, I suppose. Why I've left this site to sit untouched for the past month or so. Gawsh, i'm getting bad, aren't I?
I don't know what going on with me in that picture, why am I hammering my teeth out? What am I trippin' on, exactly? I don't even do anything. I must have found some bad mushrooms in the fridge, and said "fuck it" and put them on a salad anyway. Yeah, that's how these kinda things work.

So what the heck has been going on?
Well, I'll start with the most obvious, I'm burned out on Shootin' Jed, like woah. Right now I feel so over it that I can't even stay on model for my characters. The past several pages have felt like a struggle, and that's not at all why I got into this business.
Yet at the same time, I am overcome by this immense feeling of duty. like I HAD to finish it, before I moved onto anything new. So what wound up happening was I got all these projects piled up now that I've been kinda "secretly" working on, on the side. In the mean time, Jed has been suffering, and it's really just because I need a break. I'm not really feeling it like I used to, and I don't want to FORCE myself to go on with it, because Jed's an awesome character who deserves way better than that.
I'll get back to him... when it is time. Right now though, I have all this other shit that's been going on behind the scenes that I wanna show you first.

So the big news is that, like clockwork, I've produced yet another book to premier this year at Fanime. Yeah, that's still happening. This won't be just a regular book, however, I am appearing in the BAAU Down 12, the 12th edition of the Bay Area Artists United annual publication. This book will officially launch AT Fanime, and after that, it will be available to order on the site I just linked.
So what, you may be asking, am I contributing? Nothing too special, just the PREVIEW ISSUE OF BRILLIANT BLACK STARRES!!!
Yeah, the superhero girl comic I've been babbling about endlessly for the past year? During my unscheduled hiatus I cranked out about 30 pages worth of material for it. It was at first just an exercise to see how the characters looked on paper, and some basic storytelling to kinda test out the personalities I had developed for them. But it wound up playing out so well that I just kept going with it, and before I knew it, I had a really great prelude to the story.

Here's the really interesting part. People like you guys, who have been keeping up with this the whole way through, you'll already know that it's a superhero story. However, people are getting BAAU Down 12 and seeing Brilliant Black Starres for the first time will be totally blind sided. The super hero aspect of the story is more like a twist at the end of the chapter as opposed to a running theme, so I'm sure it will catch readers off guard. I'm also relatively certain that Brilliant Black Starres is gonna be this huge, runaway major success, so being the first appearance of the characters will turn BAAU Down 12 into a huge collector's item on par with Action Comics #1. I'm totally serious about this. So when you stop by this Fanime, don't just get one, get a few! Positively guaranteed to skyrocket in value! this could be your child's college fund! Not even kidding!

In either case, I'm just pleased to be part of BAAU this year. i'm pleased to be part of Fanime this year. All of this almost didn't happen at all. A huge part of my hiatus has been due in part to troubles at my job. That trouble included... me not having a job for awhile D:
I was very strapped for cash, so i wound up having to cancel on the hotel I put in for. Also when tables became available I did not have the money to get one. Last but not least, i did not have the funds, or the material to put together a new book :(

Fanime seemed bleak.

But, lo and behold, i managed to find a friend's floor to sleep on. Me and the always badass Ratgirl will be splitting a table, like back in the day, and BAUU was kind enough to get my new story in their book. At the very last minute I managed to get all my bases covered.
In the words of the great Nikki Minaj "I'm not lucky, I'm blessed, yes."

Truly, if only I could have this moment for life. :)

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