Monday, April 1, 2013

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 37

What an appropriate page to post on Easter Sunday ^__^
So welcome to page 37! In a row? Yes! In a row!
This might officially be a record for me, I don't think I've ever made a comic longer than 36 pages in the past,  so here we are, setting milestones.
This begs the question though, how much LONGER s this book supposed to be? Well, I'll be honest, it's a long one :) I keep on skipping back and forth between 100 to possibly 125 pages. I wish I had it better plotted out, but thinking ahead of for the lame!

I've been putting a lot of effort recently into Brilliant Black Starres again, I think i finally have a good origin story nailed down. I was struggling on that one pretty hard. Because what is a super hero if not their origin story? It's literally the most memorable part of their whole cannon. How many times has Superman being discovered by the Kents and growing up on their farms been committed to paper? Committed to film? That's the kind of thing I need to worry about, this origin story being iconic to the point where if BBS becomes a big huge thing (and I fully intend it to) that this origin story will be remembered, and repeated, possibly across multiple mediums.

In either case, that's what's been occupying my time as of recently. I've found a nice little new haunt for myself to hang out and draw in, what's better is that it's even in my own hometown :O
I get so distracted at home when I try to draw. Hell, when I try to do anything at all. I can't keep on task at all. Even now as I'm typing up in blog entry, I am switching back and forth between 5 tabs.
Okay, 4 tabs now, okay now 3. Two of those didn't need to be open at all.
Anyway, this space that I'm now inhabiting with my art is very inspiring to me especially as far as BBS goes, because there's lots girls there and the whole area is just teeming with girl power. Quite inspirational, and motivating! Every night I go there i feel like I pump out at the very least another two pages worth of storyboard. I might have enough to actually start doing full pages now. although part of me is wary and wants to wait until I have a few chapters' worth of storyboard totally under my belt.
In the mean time, I am actually still kind of wrestling over some character redesigns. There's a couple characters that I want to introduce later on in the series that looked really great when I first designed them, but my never satisfied artist brain keeps being unable to leave well enough alone :P
A lot of this has to do with some of the feedback i'm getting from the girls that are seeing this art as it unfolds. I take everyone's opinions seriously, even if they aren't really comic readers. I've gotten one or two kinda... game changing notes on some of the character designs I have already. I am forced now to consider these notes, and their perspective which i previously hadn't allowed myself the luxury of seeing from before.

In short, this whole process continues to be an invaluable learning experience.

I'd do into greater detail, but there's a few things aobut this series that I'd like to keep under wraps until it debuts officially :D

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  1. This is me. Good to know you're there to draw. You'll strain your eyes, though!