Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 34

So if Shootin' Jed had chapters, this would be the end of Chapter One. This is kinda the turning point in the story. The time skin! Shootin' Jed Shippuden, if you will! The scene has officially been set (it only took me 34 pages to do it) and now the real action can unfold! you're gonna finally find out why he's called Shootin' Jed! Oh wait, no, that's... already painfully obvious...   hmm... well.. you'll get to see some other cool stuff! I promise!
This series has been really fun to draw, this far, but truth be told, I've really, really been looking forward to getting through with this part. His childhood is more just goofy, and somewhat surreal. Now comes some real fun, baddassery!
I am wondering fi I can keep up this schedule? 3 a week? At first I was just trying to make up for lost time, what with all the sickness and work and depression I've been slogging through  But is 3 pages a week really something I want to try and maintain? Those handsome boys at Penny Arcade do it! But then again, there's two of them, and they don't have like... another job, other than being amazing cartoonist and pop culture icons.
I dunno, we'll see what I can make happen.

I got asked by a couple people if I put Shootin' Jed on hold because of Sandy Hook.
I think it's adorable that you guys think i care about current event that much :P
Truth is, I actually put out a page on the VERY DAY it happened. And then another one the week after.
If I was trying to keep politically correct in the face of a horrible tragedy, it took me awhile to do it. No, I can't blame dead children for my laziness. At least, not anymore.
Besides, I don't care HOW offensive America finds this little gun-baby! (PS nobody knows who I am, I'm not offending anyone). Jed will grace this lovely blog, rain or shine... unless i'm really busy for some reason O_O

Anywho.. Fanime! YES! It's that time of year again! I got my hotel room all ready n' rarin'.
I just need to make sure I can get a table! Hopefully my buddy Trish can help on that front. Being a working stuff can make it hard to jump on those tables as soon as they go up. D:
Hopefully, this shit will work out for the (third?) year in a row? I've been going to Fanime for forever, but for the life of me I can't remember how many times I've been an exhibitor. Three sounds about right.

More updates on this as they come. as much as I powerfully don't give a fuck about the Superbowl, Fanime is like MY Superbowl. It's an analogy that hurts to make, but I do it, FOR YOU!

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