Monday, February 4, 2013

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 33

And we are baaaaack.
I know i said yesterday, but I forgot that yesterday was the Super bowl, and I really just needed to sleep all the way through it! It was awesome, I think i woke up at 8pm. Nuts to you, sporting event!
I heard the lights went out, that has to be a first. Losing power during the Super Bowl? Then I heard people online blaming Obama for it, totally unironically, and I just had to laugh, because what else can you do?
I imagine him pacing around backstage, and the suddenly smashing a transformer, like that asshole army cheif in Forrest Gump who ruins the peace parade speech in Washington DC.

Look at him there! Right at 1:08! That's Obama! Ruining the Super Bowl! Why? Because he hates America, that's why! This is Obama's War on Football, as Fox News will no doubt dub it. He doesn't want us to have anything that's American! Not football, or guns, or a male-only armed forces, or a heretosexual-only marriage institution, or a stunning gap between the right and the poor! All of these things are America! And he just wants to take them away! Who does this Kenyan think he is? We'll never catch him, neither  He'll get away with it scott free! You ever seen them Kenyans run in the Olympics? We don't stand a chance!
Watch out, World Series! Obama is coming to destroy you too! And you'll never see him comin', no ya won't!

...So yeah, you might be wondering why the nuns look like horrible alien mannequin babies.
I was wondering that myself.
This whole series so far has been riding on this whole kinda cute/scary line, or as the Japanese call it "kawaii/kowaii". I figure what embodies scary and cute more than a nun? They're fetishized, become the stuff of nightmares, some literal AND some supernatural, yet at the same time, also embody this essence of total docility, and friendliness. Who can you trust, if not a nun? That needed to be reflected by the series' art style, and in the strangest way possible. I at first was thinking of having them totally faceless, or maybe have their faces obscured in shadow somehow, but neither of those seemed to fit once I got them on paper.
Then I just doodle the strange space baby with the lizard smile, and it hit me like a little cardboard box of raisins.
I often get way too ahead of myself in designing new aspects of this world. I want things to be scary, but like bone chilling, sweatin' bullets scary. I keep forgetting that this is not that series. I have a place for that elsewhere (Abyss) and it just hasn't come to fruition yet. It is REALLY difficult to make myself stay "in character" as it were for this story. Sometimes I wonder if it would have just been easier making it full on macabre. But that's sort of the reason I challenged myself to this new art style in the first place. I'm too young to fall into a rut just yet.

Well anyway, I guess i'll try and get another one of these out tomorrow, depending on what happens.
See you soon!

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