Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 32

Oi.. so yeah, it's definitely been over a month.

I somehow broke 10,000 pageviews in my month long absence... huh, go figure.

I am sorry. I've been so goddamn occupied, and when i'm not occupied I'm just lazy or dog tired, or in some extreme cases, deathly ill. I've talked about this thing at work where I'm commuting to San Francisco every day? Yeah, so that was supposed to be over this month, but it isn't. Before that it was supposed to be over LAST month, but it wasn't. Whenever I ask anyone in charge how long this is supposed to go on, they say they don't know.


Watch, one of these months, i'm gonna get fed up with it and just move up there. That will be the month they recall me back to Sunnyvale ;-)

So yeah, I've been making that drive to and from work everyday. I was staying up in Redwood City with some friends, but we're heading into month 4 now, and I didn't really feel like I should be pushing my luck with that arrangement. Didn't wanna overstay my welcome with nice people. Thankfully, we got a new girl working with us who lives near where I live, so now we're carpool buddies. That helps out with gas, plus it's nice to have someone to talk to on the drive. Keep the mind alert.
Either way, I still get home tired as heck. I usually just want to shower, and then read until I fall asleep. Makes me weary like nothing else.
I try to draw while I'm AT work, like how I did when I was in San Jose. Drawing there was easy because we got a nice hour long lunch, and our break room had lots o elbow room. I could finish a page a day like that. SF is different though. We get half an hour lunch and our break room is a closet. Not to mention my day starts a lot earlier for SF, so when lunch time does come around, I actually want to eat.

So yeah, there's all that bull, plus I was kinda depressed over New Years for reasons I don't wanna get into. It inspired a lot of art, but none of it was Shootin' Jed. And then just recently... I got one of the worst viruses I've had in a long time. I have not been officially diagnosed, but it seems a lot like laryngitis to me, the key symptom being an inability to talk, and lots of pain in the throat that makes it hard to swallow and breathe. Not only am i missing a lot of work, but I've been so sluggish and lethargic. A lot of the time, when I get out of bed, I'm so woozy I just want to get back in. Focusing on anything like drawing is out of the question. I can essentially read, turn pages, type, make and drink tea, and other simple meals.
I went to the doctor, and she put me on some pills. Despite the upset stomach (which was supposed to be a rare side effect) it's actually been doing some good. I still can't talk, and it still hurts to swallow, but i'm not a loopy, woozy mess anymore. I had the wherewithal to finish this page (that I started last week) and then write this blog post. If my health continues to improve over the next couple days (I have only three pills left) then I can try and make up for all the updates I've missed out on.

See you cats... tomorrow then, probably?

~Knave <3 p="">

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