Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 30

Holy CRAP! How long has it been? TOO LONG! Work has been totally kicking my ass, and I've hardly been home throughout it all. Here's a quick rundown of what's been going on with me recently.
So this most recent weekend, I attended the opening of The Hobbit. I was a Dwarf! :D Not a specific dwarf, mind you. We kinda borrowed a bunch of different costume elements form a few different characters, mostly Kili and Ori. Thanks to the awesomely talented Roxana Meta for cobbling the outfit together for me.
The movie was okay, I think I actually would have enjoyed it a lot more if I hadn't seen the super high frame rate version. I was excited at first, just to see how far technology could push the quality of film. This was... an unexpected let down for me though. I felt like the intense quality of the prints made me feel very... aware... that what I was watching was a movie. Like, i knew they weren't really hanging off a mountain side, it was very obviously a set built in a studio. In defense of the fps, that might also be the fault of the CGI, it could be the fault of the set designers, it could be the fault of the lighting, even... but as I recall, they were a lot of the same peeps who worked on the original LotR trilogy, and THAT movie looked awesome! I am inclined to beleive it was the high frame rate that did the most damage, and honestly, it was just on the indoor shots. Every scene that took place outside looked GLORIOUS! It was amazing to see how great and grand the scope of the cinematography captures those beautiful landscape, but as far as the indoor sets were concerned, the fps made it look like I was watching video footage shot for a fantasy TV show. The Hobbit should not look like Xena: Warrior Princess.
The weekend prior to that, i was up in Sacramento for Sac-Con. I was BARELY prepared for that one, to be honest! Like I said, work has really been running me ragged, so i'm lucky I made it there with my comics at all :P
It was a great con, though! Sac-Con always is, and I've made it a point to attend as many as I can, despite how long the drive is. I got to see my lovely friends Lindsay and Danielle :) They've become my official Sacramento booth girls, and I couldn't possibly ask for better ones! They're so fun and pretty and do a great job of directing people to the booth while I'm busy working on commissions. They're the best!
After the con, we went out to get pizza, which was nice. i feel like I'm always going to Sac for conventions and then bouncing immediately afterwards, but this time I was convinced to hang around a little. After pizza me and Lindsay sorta kicked around Old Sacramento, which is where I guess you go if you're a tourist. We found an cool little record shop, and I found a copy of Opeth's Roundhouse Tape for FIVE DOLLARS! Insane! I <3 br="br" sac="sac">Apart from that, it's just been work. Lots and lots of work! I serrriously cannot wait for this project in SF to be over, because honestly, this much work would not be a big deal if it was taking place close to home, and I could sleep in my own bed, and see my friends regularly. It's been weeks since I've seen Jenni and Maleia, and maybe a month since I've seen Tanya! That's not okay! Thankfully, I'll prolly get to see all three at Jenni's Post-Finals party this Tuesday. An odd day to have a party, but shh, don't tell anyone but that's when her folks are outta town ^^ We are bad kids!
So that's it, really. When I'm not working, I'm just dead tired, and even when I'm working I'm still pretty tired. I'm sorry for such a delay in updates, I'll try to not let it slide so far again, but then again I say that every week, don't I? Thanks for stickin' aorund and putting up with my bullshit, guys ;-) Stay classy, internet.

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