Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 28

So, things are getting busy of Knave, and they're just gonna get busier!
I've been on a project almost constantly at work, and getting home super tired. This month, I will be up in San Francisco 9 hours outta the day, so that will only make me... tired-er.
I gotta admit, I am not looking forward to the commute, but there is definite potential for adventure there. There's lotsa peeps up in SF that I never get to see, mostly out of laziness. I'd love to use this work trip as an excuse to be more cordial with them. Let's see how that works out.

Speaking of adventures in far away lands, I just got back from a lil mini-vaycay up in Arcata, CA.
Have you ever been up there? you should go! It's about a hundred miles south of the Oregon border, everything up there smells like trees, and the ocean and fireplaces. It also smells a lot like weed up there, which isn't like... a particular turn on of mine. In fact, I find the smell kind of repulsive, but mixed in with all the excellent nature smells, it didn't seem so bad. Everyone there is so nice and so attractive :P I didn't see a single person up there that I didn't think was beautiful.

I went up to visit my old school buddy, Dani. She transferred up to Humbolt because she's a smarty pants. I stayed down here, because I'm... an artist -_- I brought my giant bean bag with me, and fell asleep on her dorm room floor. Thankfully her roomie, Nancy, was cool with it :) Nancy was just cool in general. Ever since I got back from the trip, we've been keeping up a facebook correspondence of showing one another our favourite goth music :D
Anyhow, Dani has been inviting me up to go see her for ... probably months now! I... am a fundamentally lazy person, and also, for some reason I am put off my long drives. I used to have a rule that I'd never drive more than 50 miles to visit someone. I dunno if I was still being lazy at that point, or if I was just afraid. Either way, I decided to cast it off, and just take the trip. Boy, am I glad I did. I promise from now on, I am never going to let fear, or laziness put me off from having a good time, never again, because this was the coolest trip I've taken in a long time.

Speaking of letting go of fear, I went dancing in a goth club the other night.
That in itself doesn't seem like a huge deal, but I'm terrified of dancing in public :P I'm even scared of Dance Dance Revolution machines.
My homegirl, Maleia has been taking me to this event called Apparition in San Jose for the past month or so. It started out tame enough, with karaoke. For some reason, dancing makes me shrink with fear, but I will never shy away from a mic.So that got me into the swing of things. The next time we went there was no karaoke, just dancing. At first I straight up COULDN'T dance unless Maleia was out there with me. she was like, my life line! But this week, I finally pulled it off! We went out onto the dance floor together (training wheels) but when she bowed out, I still had lotsa energy, so I stayed out there and did my thing :)
A lot of it, I'm sure had to do with the fact that it was a band playing last week, instead of just a DJ. Live music will always get me in the mood. Another factor was that since it was a band playing, there were a lot more people around, and dancing in a bigger crowd made me feel a lot less exposed, as opposed to being on a dance floor with maybe 5 people or less.
Either way, I totally rocked it, and felt very proud ^_^

I am letting go of a lot of fear, recently.

Maybe that's why SF doesn't seem so bad to me.

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