Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Ballad of 'Ol Shootin' Jed: Page 26

Back to a Saturday schedule. I think this makes a lot more sense than Mondays. Mondays used to make sense, back when my schedule just straight up didn't matter and I could do whatever, whenever. Now, I have an adult job. Saturday is almost 100% guaranteed a day off for me. I say almost, because it's not quite 100%, but I don't wanna say anything brash, like... the actual figures. There is surely a chance that I COULD work... but so far, in my month and 9 days at my new job, I've only been asked to do one weekend shift. Sooo... one out of five weekends, and who knows whether or not that will be a trend? I don't wanna say 80%, that's not a number I can get behind. It's all or nothing with me!

Last Saturday I did not update, and that has mostly to do with the fact that I was hardly even home all weekend. Two of my new best friends, Tanya and Jenni took their LSATs (yaaayyy) and we turned it into an impromptu little celebration. One party turned into another party when our festivities clashed with another friend's birthday, and THAT celebration pretty much lasted all night. I arrived home at 7am the following Sunday. I could have (should have) slept at that point. I tried, even! But I was awoken by a request form my mother to take me out to breakfast, a request I simply could not ignore. Free food is excellent!

During breakfast, yet another buddy of mine, who I actually never get to see anymore since she moved away for college, called me up. She was in town, but just for the weekend! If I wanted to see her, it would need to be today, as she was set to leave in the late afternoon. So I hung out with her and her boyfriend, watching Back to the Future, eating giant Pocky. When I got home that night, there was no way I was going to do anything but sloth. Writing blogs is not on my list of brain-dead activities, although you'd never be able to tell by reading them ;-)

This weekend was different though, because I got my weekending done more towards the middle of the week. The aforementioned Tanya and Jenni (who are becoming wonderful staples in my life, by the way ^_^) got introduced to my OTHER wonderful friend Maleia. I am not sure why I never introduced them before, because they totally clicked, and it was beautiful. I love it when my friends are friends with my friends, and this instance is particularly heartwarming, because they're all NEW friends, and I've come to really heart them.

So this all took place Thursday, we hit a local gay bar (Splash, in downtown San Jose, go there, it's great) and a goth karaoke night at this other place called Lidos, which was like... a few doors down. It was amazing. Maleia and I sung "This Corrosion" by The Sisters of Mercy, which is such an oldskool favourite of mine. I say Maleia sung, but it's not quite correct, I had to literally drag her on stage :P I do my best to embarrass my friends wherever I take them. In either case, that was my weekend, and it took place right in the middle of the work week. Friday at work was hell, but it was all worth it! That was one of the best nights I ever had, and I'll gladly be stone dead tired at work.

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